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Success story

Your attitude determines your altitude

American Hotel Academy alumni achieve their dreams. They shared their journeys with us to help inspire others. Bianca Barabas graduated from American Hotel Academy in 2017 and currently is the Talent Coordinator at D&D London, a group of luxury restaurants, bars and hotels based principally in London , also with [...]

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Andrei Stoica, American Hotel Academy alumnus

If I were to turn back time, I would choose American Hotel Academy again, without a doubt…     Andrei Stoica is currently Sales Coordinator at Four Seasons, London, a famous and luxury hotel chain, known all over the world. He agreed to sincerely speak about his new job and the [...]

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Erik Kovacs, American Hotel Academy alumnus

American Hotel Academy Alumnus recruiting students from…American Hotel Academy (or shared success story) Erik Kovacs is an American Hotel Academy alumnus that fought hard for winning the position of his dreams, in Lapland, close to the Aurora Borealis. He is now there, in the management team of a hotel where [...]

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AMERICAN HOTEL ACADEMY is a post-secondary international hotel management school based in Brasov (Romania) and with a second study center in New York (USA). The academy offers a combination of classroom teaching and practical training. We blend hospitality and business courses with hands-on work experience, industry projects and events, all designed to develop students’ operational and managerial skills.

The school has created an innovative academic environment based on the teaching methodology that combines theory and practice, on individualized attention on the abilities of each student and on the inherent and necessary internationalization for an academic institution preparing future hospitality professionals.

From the first contact with the students, the school’s main purpose is to develop their abilities through theoretical courses, practical applications or extracurricular activities. The students’ educational experience is also enhanced by the close relationship we have with the industry; thus, they have the opportunity to meet industry leaders in school during guest lecturing sessions or while they complete their industry placements.