Career Development | American Hotel Academy

Career development services

American Hotel Academy offers career development services through the Student Services Department.

Employment opportunities made available to the Academy will be accessible for students to apply for directly with the companies advertising positions.

Students who request assistance with CV writing, job application and interviewing skills can make an appointment with the Student Services Department.

Industry Connections and visits

Visiting Speaker Series: the programme has one guest lecturer per semester. Unit lecturers all have managerial experience in their field of teaching, offering a wider perspective to students, more professional experience to draw from, and providing a unique opportunity for students to gain insights into current developments in these sectors from a management perspective.

Study trips: the master students will have the opportunity to participate in study trips, in Romania.

  • Visits to international hotel brand sites are planned to allow students to become familiar with the brands, and their recruiting offices.
  • Saturday evening social networking and industry connection events in Brasov. Students will be able to network with each other, share experiences – all whilst enjoying an evening of planned events.

Industry consultancy projects

Two of the theory units, one in each of semester 1 and 2, have an industry- related consultancy project to complete for assessment.

  1. Hospitality and Tourism Strategic Planning.

A project related to a consultancy report, done as a group, on a live company. Findings relating to an evaluation of the internal and external environmental factors affecting the company, and their options in managing these factors, will be presented by the students to the unit leader.

  1. Project Management for Service Operations.

Students will carry out a ‘real life’ project to identify a hospitality or tourism development opportunity, formulating a detailed project plan for the business.


Networking is part of being a professional. Students are encouraged to start building a professional network with executives in the industry, whom they can consult with.

Developing a career means using the knowledge and contacts you have, or can ask for advice or explore connections in various companies.

Students are encouraged to form a network with other students, to share experiences, gain support from piers and increase their knowledge skills related to the Hospitality and Tourism industries.

Foundation Unit

Students undergoing the Foundation Unit will gain knowledge about the hospitality and tourism industries by completing assignments relating to the operation areas in these industries. This unit is designed to introduce the hospitality and tourism industry to students who have graduated in business, but do not have tourism and hospitality experience or understanding.

Industry related application

All the theory is supported by hospitality and tourism related application, case studies and strategic thinking to solve industry based problems.

For more info about employment after graduation please see the Graduates & Alumni Career Services page.