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Master of Science in International Hospitality & Tourism Business Management is offered by American Hotel Academy in partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University.

A professionally-oriented study programme, as are all the programmes offered by the American Hotel Academy, the course is an opportunity to complete a Master’s degree in one year.  In addition to solid theoretical support in the units, it integrates industry based problem identification, problem solving options and application. Learning is supported by exposing students to industry experienced speakers, opportunities for professional networking and to create relationships with the other students and the industry.

This is a rigorous academic degree based on the Manchester Metropolitan University standards that nurture strategic thinking abilities and decision-making skills, based on solid academic knowledge. These skills are meaningful to those who wish to apply for executive positions in the business environment related to hospitality and tourism.

The programme further aims to develop a deeper understanding of the latest trends in management practices, strategic marketing, financial management, innovation and entrepreneurship, project management as well as scientific research processes and practices that can be used for the gathering of data to be used in decision making for consultancy reports or industry related research.

The program can be accessed, provided they meet the eligibility criteria, by recent college graduates, by hospitality professionals or by business professionals looking for a career shift in their business application.

The program is three semesters long delivered over one year, and it has a flexible schedule that allows keeping a full time job. Courses are scheduled about twice a month, during weekends in Brasov. (see the Academic Calendar for actual dates).

Classes are scheduled for all day Saturday and Sunday at the American Hotel Academy in Brasov. Breaks and meals will be enjoyed on-site, allowing for students to interact with the other students and lecturers. Resources offered to support studies include a research hub room, where students can work in a group, or independently; and guidance to language editing and data analysis support, if required.