Study Modes | American Hotel Academy

The teaching language is English.

The teaching methods include debates, case studies, simulations, and individual and team projects. All these are completed by seminars delivered by lecturers (industry executives and academics with industry experience) who are willing to share their experience and explain the theoretical concepts and how they work in daily application.

Students are assessed for each subject through a combination of examinations, projects and assignments. The courses contain teaching assessments and reviews to constantly prepare the students for the evaluation processes required by the individual units

Online support for individual study consists of access to the educational resources of Manchester Metropolitan University and American Hotel Academy.

Course delivery method 1 – specifically designed for Romanian students –

The programme is structured so that students could still continue their full-time jobs. All classes are held over the weekends, all day on Saturday and Sunday.  Students need to commit to attending all the classes in order to obtain the maximum benefit from the unit instruction and lecturer interaction.

Support for the students include:

  • In school classroom classes over the weekends;
  • Extra live contact with lecturers, if needed, on the e-learning platform;
  • Individual study that requires that students read text, evaluate case studies, watch videos, as per the requirements of the units;
  • Visiting speakers at the American Hotel Academy;
  • Planned visits to the industry, allowing students to make their contacts in industry;
  • Activities that allow for the group to network with each other, industry personnel, and guest speakers. Many of the activities are arranged by the Academy, and the masters’ students are invited to join.

Course delivery method 2 –  international students –

In addition to the support indicated above:

  • Students who move to live in Brasov for the year of their studies will have access to a research hub room, where they are able to work on their projects and assignments during the day.
  • Consideration for further academic support will be done on an individual basis, dependent on the support required.

Research semester

During the third semester all students who are allowed to proceed with the independent research project and the writing of the dissertation are supported through:

  • Allocation of a supervisor who will guide the student through the primary and secondary research process, and the writing up of the dissertation;
  • Access to literature, online literature and study support;
  • Access to a research hub room where students can work and read in a quiet environment;
  • Access to assistance with data analysis, if the student wishes to do statistical analysis (at their own expense);
  • Names of people to approach for language editing, if required by the student (at their own expense);
  • Access to obtain a plagiarism report of the dissertation – to accompany the submission;
  • Access to your lecturers for additional support, through the online platform