Admission Interview Tips | American Hotel Academy

First impressions are very important. Keep in mind that judgments are made in the first 30 seconds of an introduction. Typically people notice your clothing, face, hands, and shoes immediately. If you take care in your appearance, the interviewer will assume that you will take care in your job.

Business attire consists of a two-piece suit in a conservative color (black, gray, navy) with a dress skirt/blouse and matching-color or dark shoes/pumps with low or medium heels. Men should wear conservative ties.
Business casual attire varies from one organization to another. It may mean a coordinated jacket and slacks/skirt and shirt/blouse, or khakis/slacks and a shirt/blouse. Tie is required for men.

Personal Appearance Tips
✓ Wear clothes in which you feel confident
✓ Match your belt and shoe color
✓ Remove body piercings and cover tatoos
✓ Have fresh breath
✓ Wear neutral hosiery with skirts
✓ Smoke just before an interview
✓ Wear revealing clothes
✓ Wear white socks
✓ Wear excessive make-up
✓ Wear too much jewelry (i.e. more than two items)
✓ Wear open-toed shoes / sandals
✓ Chew gum or candy
During the Interview
✓ Give the interviewer a firm handshake
✓ Be enthusiastic, confident, courteous and honest
✓ Be aware of your non-verbal behavior
✓ Listen to the questions carefully and give clear, concise answers
✓ Thank the interviewer for his/her time
✓ Address the interviewer by his/her first name unless invited to do so
✓ Let the interviewer’s casual approach fool you – maintain a professional image
✓ Dominate the interview or appear arrogant
✓ Speak or act in a nervous manner
✓ Ask questions that the interviewer has already answered
✓ Interrupt when the interviewer is talking