The greatest value that an academy has is in its lecturers and students. As their academic accomplishments grow and develop, so does the recognition of the Academy as a place of learning. Academic recognition comes through the publication of journal articles, books and industry related publications.

In a Master’s degree programme the dream is to publish the new knowledge discovered during a research process and delivered in a dissertation. When a lecturer together with a Master’s student writes an article from a dissertation , which is then published in internationally recognized journals and conferences, well, that is when the school touches the greatest reward.

American Hotel Academy lecturers and 3 Master’s student from the previous Master’s cohort had their articles accepted for presentation at the EuroChrie conference in Dublin in November 2018. The articles were submitted by Ioana Turcas with Ioan Enache, both lecturers at American Hotel Academy; Clare Vasta, lecturer at American Hotel Academy with John Fenby, MSc lecturer at American Hotel Academy and Dana Matic, MSc alumni with Anne Taylor, Head of MSc programme and lecturer. The abstracts of their articles can be found here.

EuroCHRIE is the official federation for Europe, the Mediterranean Basin and Africa, and is the leading international organization that supports education and training for the world’s largest industry. It has 185 members all around the world and its aim is to bring together educators from hospitality & tourism management schools and universities into a global network in close co-operation with industry representatives. It is a great source of networking through sharing and exchanging of ideas, visions, experiences, educational material, research and technological know-how.

This year EuroCHRIE 2018 will take place in Dublin, from 6th to 9th of November. The theme is “Be inspired” and aims to assemble scholars and practitioners from around the globe to share their expert hospitality and tourism knowledge and experience in a conference that will showcase exceptional research and engender critical debate.

Two other conferences that also brought our alumni and lecturers’ recognition and applause in their presentations were the Conference at Bourneworth University (Clare Vasta and John Fenby) and  the conference that took place in May, in Sibiu (Ioana Turcas and Ioan Enache),conference that was part of “Central European Congress on Food”. Please explore the pictures from the presentations. A video with their journey to getting to that level will follow in a few days.