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People with disabilities as a market segment – the perception of Romanian accommodation service providers.
Anne Taylor and Dana Matic


Studies show that people with disabilities (PwD) are emerging as a distinct market segment in tourism, while identifying the constraints they encounter in their attempt to travel: from finding information about accessibility of hotels, to accessing the built environment and to people’s attitudes towards them. 

The purpose of the research was to examine the awareness and perception of Romanian hotel managers about PwD as a potential market segment. The objectives were twofold, to identify the needs of the disabled tourist and to examine the level of perception and awareness of Romanian hotel managers about disabled customers.

A survey using an online questionnaire was used and the population sample consisted of Romanian hotel management representatives.  The study indicates that although there is a general positive attitude towards PwD, hotel managers in Romania are not prepared to accommodate PwD in a way in which their needs are correctly satisfied.

The Impact of Customer Behavior on Wine List Management
Ioan Enache and Ioana Turcas


The wine list had become one of the most important tools for Food and Beverage Management. The present article aims at providing an analysis of wine list perceptions in relation with customers’ characteristics and behavior. A quantitative marketing research technique was used, and the resulted data were analyzed in relation with both customers’ characteristics and literature findings. The findings are describing the importance of the wine list from a wine selection perspective – 23% of the respondents are considering that wine list structure impacts wine selection. Furthermore, 39% are using the wine list as the main tool to choose the wine in a restaurant. The results are underlying the importance customers give to wine lists and how they interact with this tool. These findings are in accordance with other perspectives provided by the literature.

Psychological typing of hospitality students and management – a comparative study in Romania
Clare Vasta and Anne Taylor


Tourism as an industry is booming globally – countries wishing to compete must provide hospitality services at a level commensurate with the world leaders. Romania is no exception. It could be argued that an awareness of psychological type (PT) could lead to superior service delivery. The literature suggests that Romania lags behind in terms of the quality of service delivery in hospitality generally. Ergo, greater understanding of PT could lead to enhanced service delivery and consequently, a stronger position on the global stage. This study aimed at identifying the psychological type (PT) of hospitality students and hospitality managers in Romania, using the Myers Briggs Type Instrument (MBTI). The purpose of the study being to discovering whether the two types were similar or dissimilar. The findings indicate that the PT’s of the two types vary significantly. This could have implications for educational design and human resource management within the industry.