Today, November 21st 2017, Mr. Adrian Ste– Partner at Wolf Theiss accompanied by Ms. Raluca Maxim – Associate at the same legal firm, have visited American Hotel Academy and shared their knowledge and experience, the main aspects regarding written contracts and confidentiality agreements. It is a great advantage to receive snapshots from one of the best in business law. The students discovered which are the most important and delicate parts of a commercial contract/agreement, they also learned about possible consequences of signing a contract without reading it carefully or without understanding all the specific terminology used.

The experience of Mr. Ster in relation to competition law matters, extends over 13 years and includes advising high-profile clients active in various industries. Mr. Ster is providing compliance trainings and is carrying out competition law audits. Furthermore, he is also a frequent author and co-author to articles in leading local and international publications on competition law matters.

Let’s not forget the Latin proverb: “Ignorantia legis neminem excusat” which means “ignorance of law excuses no one”!