The 9th of June was a big day for American Hotel Academy as it celebrated its graduating students: Master of Science (MSc) in International Hospitality and Tourism Business Management, class of 2017 and Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in International Hotel Business Management, class of 2018.

A day which was meant to have rain showers proved to be just as sunny and joyful as the atmosphere in Reduta Center. With everything well prepared by our staff in advance inside, the graduates arrived with their families where they changed into their ceremonial gowns. Every smile was heartfelt and the air was filled with a blend of nerves, pride and happiness. Either this or the high temperatures made it a bit stuffy inside, but luckily, we had refreshments of all kind to help maintain the intensity of these feelings throughout the event.

At 11AM the students had already taken their seats and were awaiting the entry of the academic staff. After their entry and greeting the ceremony had officially begun. The following minutes were witness to some very inspiring and emotional speeches. Firstly our guests from Manchester Metropolitan University gave their address to our graduates, through the kind and inspiring words of Dr. Julie Hardman. Her inspirational words continued with the speech of Dr. Alexandru Stefan who invited the graduates to stand up and applaud their loved ones in attendance as a sign of gratitude for their continuous support throughout the years.

This wave of emotions carried on with the moving speeches of Mrs. Anne Taylor and Mrs. Krisztina Pinter, the Head of MSc Programme and Head of the BA Programme respectively, who also introduced the valedictorians of their programmes: Carmen Badulescu and Clare Vasta from the Masters and Andreea Dodan from the Bachelors, as they all reminded us to be thankful for what we have and reiterated their wonderful memories of studentship.

The big moment had arrived for each of our graduates! The Masters followed by the Bachelors went up on stage to receive their ceremonial degrees and gifts. Finally photo time! Photos on stage, photos in the hall, photos on the stairs and outside in the Main Square (Piata Sfatului). A session filled with clicks and smiles, poses and laughter, pride and joy. The ceremony thus came to an end with our students reaching the end of their academic cycle. Seems like your typical graduation ceremony right? Well, yes and no. Being a yearly event, yes. Being the 6th consecutive ceremony (since our partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University) with the largest number of graduates (80!) is a resounding no for a typical ceremony. Top that with the speeches and we had the recipe to a very successful graduation ceremony! Congratulations to each and every one of them and welcome into our ever expanding circle of Alumni!