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telegraphThe hotel room with no walls or ceiling – but you’ll still want to stay there

The first incarnation of this hotel was a zero-star offering in an underground nuclear bunker, but its second has more stars than any other in the world.

This summer the Null Stern Hotel, holiday accommodation in art form, opens its only room, without walls or a ceiling, beneath the night sky on a mountain-side in Graubünden in Switzerland. In 2008 it was in a bunker in St Gallen.

The double “room”, bookable on a seasonal basis from CHF200 (£154) per night, is the brainchild of conceptual artists Frank and Patrik Riklin and hospitality professional Daniel Charbonnier, who hope is will be the first of many across Switzerland that will showcase the country’s landscapes.


Brexit: What impact on European tourism if British demand falters?



The United Kingdom is a key source market for many international tourist destinations. Across the European continent, and especially within the Eurozone, many hotel markets rely heavily on the contribution of British arrivals. In light of their respective exposure to the Kingdom’s clientele, which countries could be most affected by the outcome of the referendum?

British visitors constitute one of the largest shares of tourists in many European countries. On Mediterranean beaches, at the summits of the Alps and in the pubs of Europe’s major cities, it can be difficult to ignore Her Majesty’s subjects. The United Kingdom is the second largest European source market for hoteliers: British citizens spent close to 215 million overnight stays in hotels (and similar accommodations) in the European Union in 2014, including 110 million outside their own territory.



How many hotels have jumped on the Pokemon GO bandwagon?


In a matter of days Pokemon GO has gone from zero to marketing hero for many small businesses eager to capitalize on the crowds the app has mobilized. But what about resorts and hotels? Are they getting in on the Poke-action as well? Here’s what we found.

The Goods
To find our answer we looked for mentions of Pokemon or elements within the game (PokeStops, Gyms, etc.) in the social media posts of 5,000 resort and hotel Twitter accounts. We counted what percentage of properties on each channel mentioned Pokemon at least once on any given day and plotted the results. For example, if 2,000 hotels tweeted and 20 mentioned Pokemon on Monday, that would be 1% on the chart below.


cnlogo11 Coolest Underwater Hotels in the World


From Dubai and Sweden, these hotels (and hotel bars, spas, and restaurants) take sleeping with the fishes to a whole new below-sea level. Prepared to be wowed by deep blue and bright turquoise waters—all visible while you stay dry and comfortable.


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