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Our dedicated Career Development staff in the Office of Student Services can give you the tools you need to explore career paths or advice when choosing your next career step (internship / employment).

Diana Hirjau
Head of the Student Services Department

Maria Olteanu
Internship & Job Placement Coordinator / International students


for students, graduates and young professionals from our exclusive partner, ITN.
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Internships and Practical Training sessions are learning opportunities and their main benefit is that they help students gain work experience while studying, thus helping them be better prepared for entering the job market after graduation.

Industry Placements are part of our student’s Career Timeline
Our students and alumni are using the School’s online career platform – Career Connect  – as an innovative and efficient way to connect students with the hospitality industry, faculty, colleagues and alumni.

Internships are designed to provide students with a guided introduction to the professional working world. Any matriculating student is eligible for an internship and can access an internship by talking to our dedicated Career Development staff in the Office of Student Services and our online career platform.

Internships are part of our student’s Career Timeline

Internships will help you:

  • enhance the academic programs with field experience, related to your own career interest, in a variety of settings
  • combine learning with working
  • take the skills that you have acquired and put them into action
  • develop new skills and gain knowledge
  • explore and apply academic theory in the professional world
  • pre-professional career training experiences with intentional learning goals
  • move to the next career step and grow professionally

You can choose from a variety of internships opportunities depending also on your own skills and abilities.

Internship facts:

  • internships take place only at 4* or 5 * hotels and resorts
  • internships can be paid or not paid
  • you can complete your internship either in Romania or worldwide
  • usually, for internships, employers offer compensation, meals and accommodation, hands-on training and certificates of completion/recommendation letters
  • average training hours:6-8 hours/day, max of 40 hours/week
  • the School will closely monitor your internship
  • you will be able to : travel, have fun, meet people from different cultures and earn your own money – become financially independent
  • internships can be paid or not paid; click here for more information regarding fees and expenses in internship.

Internships Structure

There are two main internship sessions that each students needs to complete during their stay at American Hotel Academy. Apart from these two internships, each student is free to further enhance his/her working experience if the program allows.

1st Internship: 4 – 5 months between the first and the second academic years, depending on the chosen internship

2nd Internship: 4 – 18 months between the second and the third academic years, depending on the chosen internship

Some Featured Employers:

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The practical training program joins the internship program developed in our school, to assist the students in gaining valuable working experience and cross exposure to the hospitality industry while at school, thus becoming competitive in the global market.

Practical training in Hotels is part of our student’s Career Timeline

Purpose and Objective of the program

The purpose of the practical training is to expose students to the hospitality industry and people who work in the industry, and to obtain practical experience in real working environments.

This experience enhances the overall education students receive at the American Hotel Academy.

The objective of the practical training is to ensure that student’s education has the essential balance between theory and practice and a better connection between the hospitality industry and the students / the school.

Students should be able to:

  • gain cross exposure to all areas of a hotel while studying
  • gain valuable work experience in the various segments of the hospitality industry
  • recognize, develop, and practice skills necessary in their future career
  • put theory into practice in the real working environment
  • utilize the practical experience in future academic assignments
  • explore different departments/areas within a hotel
  • gain invaluable perspective regarding issues, concerns, and behaviour of employees at various levels
  • network with key people in the industry
  • easier access jobs in the hospitality industry after graduation
  • test their career interests, values and needs, thus allowing them get to know themselves better and make conscious future career choices
  • be better prepared for their next career step – internships

American Hotel Academy cooperates with Hotels in Brasov both for the practical training sessions of our students:

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Career Connect is your online recruiting platform. Use it to get hired, make connections and keep learning.

The platform brings together the best talents, schools and employers of the hospitality industry into an innovative online community. Use your professional profile on the platform to find internships and jobs, get hired, make connections and keep learning.

You can join as a student/alumni completely free of charge.

Log in and start using the platform to:

  • View job and internship opportunities
  • Apply to job and internship opportunities
  • Register for events including employer information sessions, presentations and workshops
  • Sign up for on-campus interviews
  • View lists of companies attending career fairs
  • Keep up with the hospitality news and developments
  • Find out what hospitality professionals have to say, what tips & trick they share

Log in steps:

  • Click on Career Connect
  • Click on JOIN US and start the registration process
  • Start using the platform, improve your profile and connect with employers, colleagues and alumni

Please let us know if you encounter any difficulties in registering or other issues regarding the online career platform – Career Development staff in the Office of Student Services