Internships & Career Development | American Hotel Academy

The mandatory internships offer our students a unique opportunity to gain real industry experience and to practice the industry specific skills that they have learned during the academic year. In hotels, internships are typically available in the following departments:
– Food and Beverage: Kitchen, Restaurant Service, Room Service, Bar Operation, Catering.
– Rooms Division: Front Office, Reservations, Guest Relations, Concierge, Housekeeping
– Spa and Health Clubs

By the end of the Year II, students will have gained more than 8 months working experience by successfully completing their mandatory internships.

Internship I: 720 hours (during Year I)
The 1st Internship will:
– provide the opportunity for the students to come in contact with the real hospitality environment, for most being their first working experience;
– designed to build students’ skills and knowledge in working in line level positions
– provide an opportunity for students to develop positive work ethics;

Locations available: hospitality establishments throughout NYC.
Average training hours: 6 hours/day; 2.5 days/week during Q1 and Q2, full time during Q3.
Compensation: monthly stipend.

Internship II: 720 hours (during Year II)
The 2nd Internship will:
– further improve students’ knowledge of hospitality industry’s practice, allowing them to work inside a hospitality organization where they will be rotated through different positions in one or more departments
– continue the process of gaining managerial skills, increasing the students’ chances in competing for a position in the industry upon their graduation
– provide the opportunity and the context in which students may test theory learned in the classroom in an actual working situation and discover the value of work and the rewards of accomplishment
– develop students managerial skills and creates a potential link between them and their future employers after graduation.

Locations available: hospitality establishments throughout NYC.
Average training hours: 6 hours/day; 2.5 days/week during Q1 and Q2, full time during Q3.
Compensation: monthly stipend.

Professional trips
During their 3rd year, students will have the opportunity to participate in three study trips:
– One trip to France: unique 5 star authentic / boutique European style hotels /castles. Experience the western European hospitality and history by exploring the remarkable castles and taste the traditional exquisite dishes of the French gastronomy.

– One trip to Greece: 5 star leisure / vacation resort; experience the all inclusive holiday makers summer season, in a vibrant place situated at the crossroad of cultures, in the Southernmost part of Europe. Understand the ancient Greek concept of hospitality, the generosity and courtesy shown to those who are far from home, or “Xenia” as Greeks call it.

– One trip to Prague (Czech Rep) to a 5 star international brand hotel; understand the needs and requirements of the business traveler, the highlights and quality standards of a brand name and experience a 5 star hotel in a central European metropolis.

Career Development
Seminars, workshops and individual assistance delivered during the academic year to support students to become more employable, self – confident and more aware of the importance of starting a career while still in school. We will prepare you for the professional life which you are to embark after graduation and help you identify full time employment at the time of your graduation.

During the academic year, representatives of the hospitality industry from different countries come to our academy to recruit future talents for internships and for permanent employment. Students also have the opportunity to apply for graduate jobs on HOSCO – our online job platform which features more than 900 employers from all over the world, permanently showing around 1600 active jobs for hospitality students & graduates. See Careers for more info.