Adrian Gheorghe – F&B Manager Langley Resorts and Hotels, American Hotel Academy Alumni

  • How did you find your passion for this industry? How did you hear about this academy?

Every story has a beginning. How I found the passion for this industry is a really complicated one. I have worked in many fields, always looking for something to challenge myself, from my youth being a drummer in a rock band and concerting all around Romania to merely a boy that sweep floors or helping building engineers, to Desktop publishing and pre-press to wood and stone carving, painting, decorating, and so on. Most of the jobs were based on my will to create, many of them having taught me how to work my way up and some, whereas some of them were the pure necessity of living. Regardless of the difficulty or, in some case, the low class of the job, as few might consider, I took pride in each and every one of them. I succeeded and I learnt important aspects of how things are coming together and why or with what effort.

Art is the key. I find myself working as a waiter. I find a challenge worthy to explore. “This is the one for me”, I said to myself. No matter how much you plan and prepare in this industry, it never stops challenging you. The human factor it’s in play, from guests, to staff and from suppliers to managers. This is an art for me. Challenges never stop and I have to push myself to improve and innovate. Therefore, I consider it an art which keeps me sharp and teaches me about cultures, human behavior and constantly new demands and trends.

In order to further pursue with my goals and get more profound knowledge about the industry, I started looking for information all around me until a former student of American Hotel Academy came and work as an intern in the 5 star resort I was working and I had him as a trainee. He talked about the academy, got my attention and after I briefly did some research I decided to follow it. Best decision of my life.

  • When did you graduate from American Hotel Academy?

With pride and consideration, and lots of good thoughts to my lecturers, I graduated in 2015

  • Where are you currently working? How have you managed to occupy such a position?

I am currently working for the Langley resorts and hotels, Swedish company which operates hotels in France, Greece, Austria and Guadeloupe – Caribbean islands. Presently,  I am working as Food and Beverage Manager in hotel Tignes 2100, located in Tignes – French Alps. Previously, I had worked for same company in Corsica, Napoleon Bonaparte resort, L’ile Rousse, Food and Beverage Manager.

I had a lot of help from alumni from American Hotel Academy. Lots of thanks to Ms. Ana Leah, who guided me through the process and actually posted this opportunity with Langley on Alumni page and on the Hosco platform.

  • Can you tell us some of the requirements or qualifications needed for such a position? How much experience do you need?

Experience in the field for this particular company is relative. Not because it is not necessary. The same goes with qualifications. The company is looking for candidates willing to learn, going the extra mile in order to improve themselves, contributing to the welfare of individuals and company. I am not saying that experience and qualifications are not needed, but on the contrary. Nothing is worth without the characteristics described earlier, no matter of experience and education.

  • What was your manager’s opinion regarding your knowledge and experience when you applied for the job?

When applying for such a position, the experience and knowledge are well appreciated. But…anything may look good on writing, in the CV. The real deal is on site performing, this makes the difference. So far, so good. I am happy with the company and they are with me.



  • Do you think it is difficult to find a job after graduation? Is there a rough battle out there for jobs, is it a tough competition?

It depends on what you are looking for. It depends on many factors, such as: willingness to explore, financial support, fear of going away from home, willingness to understand and integrate within different cultures. But, be yourself and it will not be difficult if you set your mind to do something. However, it is indeed a struggle and the competition is fearless. But, the frustration that may occur during the “hunt” will be in the end rewarded.

  • Would you choose to stay in Romania or to work abroad?

I would prefer Romania. For now, I am where I am and Iwill give my best where I am.

  • What is your overall opinion about the academy and how they handled everything? What do you think of their approach to this field?

This can be a really long answer. As in this industry is always room for improvement, also the Academy has room for that. The academy gave me the tools and the theory to better understand the financial parts of a business and the strategies needed to professionally improve myself and my performances on the field. With all the confidence and respect for the academy I can proudly recommend it.

  • Do you have any advice for the current students?

When you start something, no matter what it is, no matter how hard is it, do it until the end. By this, you can have the experience and the guarantee that you actually learnt something. This way you build a strong character, which will later bring you benefits. The industry is challenging, beautiful, never stops to surprise you. It will help you read people and understand needs and cultures. It is the easiest and the funnest way to gain knowledge about a large variety of domains. Everything that is built started from the bottom to the top, do not be afraid and embrace this opportunity.

Good luck and don’t forget to have fun!

Best regards,
Adrian Gheorghe – F&B Manager Langley Resorts and Hotels