American Hotel Academy recognises students with any opportunity available (scholarships, awards) for leadership, curricular accomplishments, involvement in extracurricular activities and noteworthy contributions to our community. We applaud students also for the notable ways in which they enrich our community. By offering these awards, we encourage students to stand out from the crowd, openly express ideas, display a can-do attitude and develop towards academic and personal success.

This year, the academy’s old and reliable partner in facilitating internships in the United States of America, International Trainee Network (ITN), decided to award a scholarship to one of our students, regarding the international hospitality internship in the United States. ITN will cover the costs of the program fees for one American Hotel Academy student to participate in the J-1 Cultural Exchange Program in 2017. The retail value of such a service is up to $3,680 USD.

The decision regarding the student who receives this scholarship was taken by the Scholarship Committee, comprised from: the Head of Student Services, Mrs. Ana Leah, the Academic Director, Mrs. Ada Terea and the 2nd year Group Tutors. The committee chose from all the candidates who applied in 2017 to go for a 1 year internship in USA with ITN and the student who was awarded the ITN Scholarship for 2017 is Alexandra Leontescu, our 2nd year student.

al leontescu

This scholarship recognises students who maintain good academic standing while making a significant contribution to the community through volunteerism, by getting involved in extracurricular activities or by having an impact on student life at American Hotel Academy, while achieving excellent feedback from the previous internships and employers.

We congratulate Alexandra Leontescu for her achievements during her time at American Hotel Academy and we encourage her to continue to display her positive and can-do attitude, passion and love for the people around her, pro-activeness, enthusiasm, professionalism and work ethics.