Meet Us | American Hotel Academy

American Hotel Academy representatives visit high schools across the globe during the academic year. They hold seminars, presentations, meetings with students, teachers and their advisers.

Find out below when we will be in your high school and come to meet us!

Arad 6 – 9 November C. Economic
L. Ped. D. Tichindeal
C.N. Elena Ghiba Birta
LT Alexa Popovici
C.N. Vasile Goldis
C Tehn. Ind. Alimentara
C.N. Moise Nicoara
Targu Mures 27 – 30 November C.N. Alexandru Papiu Ilarian
C.N. Unirea
CEc Transilvania
CT Electromures
LT Bolyai Farkas
CN Mircea Eliade Sighisoara

American Hotel Academy offers its future students the opportunity to learn more about the school before deciding to study in our academy so we invite you to visit us or to attend to our classes and speak with our students.

School Tour
You can visit us anytime during the week, Monday to Friday, from 9.00 to 16.00, and a representative of the Admissions Office will provide a tour of the school and will answer to all your questions.
There is no need for appointment, we are available any given date except on holidays: January 1st and 2nd, 1st and 2nd day of Easter, May 1st, December 1st, 25th and 26th.

Attend courses
If you wish to attend one or more courses as part of the information gathering process regarding our school, you are more than welcome to do so, but please contact first the Admissions Office to make an appointment. Attending classes it’s possible only during the academic semesters.

Meet our students
If you wish to meet our students and discuss with them about their experience in our school, please contact the Admissions Office in order to schedule an appointment.

Please find below the international fairs where you can find American Hotel Academy’s or MIM’s representatives:
17th – 18th March , 2018| RIUF | Bucharest
20th March , 2018| RIUF | Cluj
24th March , 2018| RIUF | Brasov

At the fair you can find study opportunities in Romania and from abroad, information about hundreds of bachelor and masters programmes, some that are not available in Romania, hundreds of scholarships for studying abroad, but also opportunities for personal development if you decide to study in Romania.

We are represented by educational partners in the following countries: Republic of Moldova, Greece, Bulgaria, Russia, Sri Lanka,Nigeria. If you reside in one of these countries and wish to study with us, we recommend you to email us in order to put you in contact with our local representative who will assist you with the application process.