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Parents need to know:

  • When the child is calling with a problem, it is not necessarily for you to solve it, more important is for you to understand and to support him/her. Since he/she has opened up to you, try not to judge and criticize him/her, instead listen and encourage him/her to find alternatives for solving his/her problem. It is important for him/her to follow the instinct.
  • That the child is well prepared for the student life and that you raised him/her the best way possible. Do not expect him/her to manage situations like you once did. It is time to experiment and find the best way for themselves.
  • Evolution occurs through mistakes and wrong decisions. It is constructive to let the child make mistakes. A big part of student’s life consists in making choices. Some of the choices may be wrong, but they become experiences from which they can learn to be responsible adults.
  • In most cases you will find out about negative past experiences of your child. He / She will make mistakes, he/she will suffer the consequences and solve the problems himself/herself. It is time for him/her to evolve and you will be very proud of that.
  • That your child does not leave you, he/she will be just going for studies and will return home occasionally. In these moments you will be able to celebrate the family unity; you can enjoy each other and share experiences.
  • It would be beneficial to let him/her handle certain situations on his/her own. If he/she call you to ask for more money, try to help him/her find alternatives to get the money needed, after all he/she is an adult.
  • It is important to keep communicating with your child by internet or phone. You will find out that like this you can have better and more realistic conversations.
  • That students still need affection and attention now that they are away from home. But very important is for you, as parents, to understand that communication with them is now having a different approach.
  • It is advisable to know the environment in which your child learns and lives, his/her close friends, lecturers, course schedules as well as any other detail about the school. That doesn’t mean that you need to be “noisy” but to understand the world in which your child is now functioning.
  • It is very important to have time to listen to him/her, anytime he/she calls you to talk about colleagues, school or any other problem he/she may have. He / She will find his/her own solutions, but talking about the difficulties he/she will realize that the problems are not really problems.
  • Maintain open communication with your child. It is important to make sure that if he/she encounter difficulties and need help, you are there for him/her at all times. Ask him/her open-ended questions so he/she can answer you freely about what is happening.
  • It will be a very good decision if you could have time to come to the Family Weekend event.

Parents, don’t forget to be:

  • happy because your child decided to continue his/her studies
  • proud of your child
  • patient, patient, patient
  • good listeners
  • in contact with your child, especially in the first year
  • ready to let your child make his/her own future decisions