Communicating with Parents | American Hotel Academy

We believe that communication with parents is very important for us and therefore, we wish to develop it. In the first phase, besides the communication through the school’s office, we strongly think that it also can be done in several ways:

1. Parents online access

Parents can access the online platform eCampus and look at student’s data such as: grades, absents, payment status and other reports. To visit the academic schedule parents can enter without an account, just by clicking the link: and then click the eSchedule button.

On eCampus, parents are able to find information about:
The Weekly Academic Schedule
The Practical Training Schedule
News and Events
Internship Opportunities

Courses, grades and attendance
Parents can access the eCampus through their student’s account

2. Parents contact

Parents may contact the school through the student services department for any questions, problems or concerns. To contact the Office of Student Services with any question, you can fill out the form located on the right of this page.
You can always contact the school also through the FOLLOWING CHANNELS:

– For inquiries regarding grades, examination sessions and retakes, you need to contact the School’s Registrar, Ms. Carmen Ursoiu, at email:

– For information regarding student behaviour, class attendance and other academic related issues, you need to contact the student’s academic tutor. Please find below the academic tutors for each year and contact details.
1st Year – Ms. Ana Leah, Career Development lecturer –  
2nd Year – Ms. Ioana Turcas, In House Training Manager –
3rd Year – Mrs. Krisztina Pinter, English and Human Resources lecturer –  

– For information regarding student’s practical training or internships, please contact Mrs. Diana Hirjau, Internships & Placements Coordinator, at email:

– For issues regarding student’s personal and career development or counselling, you need to contact Ms. Ana Leah, Student Counsellor and Career Development lecturer at email:
We also encourage you to visit our campus as many times as you wish. For such a visit, please make a reservation in advance at the Admissions Office.

3. Information available on the school’s website / facebook account
Here you can find valuable information about the time spent at school by students and also about the unique experiences that they enjoyed. You can also find here some of the school’s rules and regulations. For further details, please visit this page

4. Participation at school’s events
We will wait for you to join some of the events organized by our school for students or for parents. (Open Day, Welcome Week, Family Weekend) We intend to facilitate the access for parents, to important aspects of student life. The school will make communication easier and your student’s situation will be clearer and authentic.