spring school 2017

Fifteen American Hotel Academy students will represent Romania and the Academy in a week long spring school organized in Torun, Poland between 24th and 28th of April.

The students, 1st and 2nd years, have been chosen through a competition, based on their motivation, passion for culinary arts and their hospitality attitude. The theme of the spring school – traditional fish recipes, will find students from various institutions in France, Poland and Romania, explore the unique traditions and customs and their impact on national and international gastronomy.

Chef Horia Simon, a collaborator of American Hotel Academy, will be leading the group of students and guide them in preparing and presenting the most delicious and surprising Romanian traditional recipes, with a twist. Chef Horia Simon is actively involved in supporting and promoting the Romanian cuisine and its traditions. His most notable project, “the Wandering Kitchen”, had him cooking exquisite dishes in traditional Romanian households, using basic equipment and utensils.

The spring school is part of a 3 year Erasmus+ project – “European Food Education Season”, in which American Hotel Academy is partnered with academic institutions and local entities from Tours, France and Torun, Poland.

Next year this event will be held at American Hotel Academy in Brasov, Romania.