Ms. Charlotte Guyot, European Partner Manager of ITN (International Training Network) and Mr. Nathan Brown Assistant Director of Food and Beverage at Park Hyatt Aviara, San Diego – California visited our school in Brasov.  American Hotel Academy students received details about the application and the benefits regarding the USA internship.

International Training Network is a conglomerate of companies with different synergies, among education and training. With 5 international offices, ITN is collaborating with 40 business schools and 250 hotels from 23 countries. Once our students will decide the location where they will like to complete their internship, ITN will facilitate the interview with the hotel and will assist the students in the visa application process. The placement fee includes 12 months medical insurance and personal assistance 24/7.

This is not just a training program with financial benefits (salaries will start from 1200$), but also an important cultural exchange program. The visa’s sponsor, Odyssey, will organize voluntary activities in order to better integrate the students in the community.

All away from San Diego, California, Mr. Nathan Brown, Assistant Director of Food and Beverage at Park Hyatt Aviara, came to recruit the future interns. The hotel located in the southern of Los Angeles is one of the 170 luxury hotels all around the world, with 300 rooms and 5 Food & Beverage outlets. Mr. Brown stated that the restaurants and bars are most of the time crowded and this explains why the F&B revenue, 2,5 million $, is double in comparison with the lodging one, only 1.2 million $.  With a big smile on his face, he added that also the salaries in the luxury market are higher than the average.

Park Hyatt Aviara has one of the most beautiful golf course in California where celebrities are often coming. Brands like Mercedes, Google are some of the usual customers in creating memorable events.

There is no doubt that the location is breathless. San Diego is located at the border with Mexico and at only two hours from Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles City, Disneyland, Santa Monica or Malibu. The beach is near the hotel and the weather warm all year long.

The so-called Land of Opportunities is fruitful only for the people willing to work with integrity and to learn continuously.  Mr. Brown underlined the importance of the working experience in all the departments especially for the students that are planning to reach some management positions.

Today, 55 American Hotel Academy students applied for ITN and 25 students were interviewed by the Park Hyatt Aviara Hotel representative.

Good luck to all!