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To achieve our goals, we will:

Be available to you
Listen to you
Understand you
Care for your problems
Assist you in finding the best solutions.

Dear students

Welcome to the Student Services Office’s website!
The Student Services Office (SSO) is here to support you during your time at American Hotel Academy, to assist you with problems of any nature and to offer programs and services that will enhance your overall school experience and learning outcomes. Also, we focus on facilitating your personal development since we believe that your development is tied to the community and society at large and it will contribute to your success in life.

Serving as liaison between the students, the academic and administrative staff, community, employers and the rest of the industry, we work closely with the Student Government to understand everyone’s needs or problems and find appropriate means to satisfy or solve them.

This website provides answers to a lot of questions, but for all of those that aren’t addressed here, don’t hesitate to contact any member of the Student Services Office at:

Phone – 0268 455 401 | 0745 482 027
Email – 

My name is Diana Hirjau and I am the Head of the Student Services Department. My main purpose is to ensure each and every student a feeling of belonging in a continuously growing community that helps them develop professionally and personally. Our department was specially designed to assist American Hotel Academy’s students in matters and services that will enhance their overall experience and contribute to their success in life. 

We’d like to get to know all of you, so come anytime, visit our Student Services Office and check out how we can assist you!

Sincerely yours,
Diana Hîrjău

Head of Student Services