Awards & Recognitions | American Hotel Academy

American Hotel Academy recognizes students with awards for leadership, curricular accomplishments, involvement in extracurricular activities and noteworthy contributions to our community.

By offering these awards, we encourage students ti stand out from the crowd, openly express ideas, display a can-do attitude and develop towards academic and personal success.

We applaud students also for the notable ways in which they enrich our community.


This certificate recognizes students with excellent Academic achievements taking into consideration the academic assessments of the previous year.
During the opening of the new academic year, the student that registered the higher grade point average for the previous year is rewarded by the Vice President for Academics.


It nominates each semester students with excellent academic achievements demonstrated by academic standings, representing the Academy in competitions and creating awareness for the school.


This certificate recognizes students who maintain good academic standing while making a significant contribution to the community through volunteerism, by getting involved in extracurricular activities or by having an impact on student life at American Hotel Academy.

Involvement, for the purpose of this award, is defined as all the ways through which students engage with campus life outside of their regular academic work.

Each semester, American Hotel Academy recognizes students who show an outstanding performance and go above and beyond in demonstrating values such as: teamwork, individual initiative, involvement, positive outgoing and a can – do attitude.

A committee made of Student President, Campus Representative, Head of Department and Student Services Director will nominate the winners of this award, at the end of each semester.