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Diploma in Hospitality Management

The Diploma in Hospitality Management helps the student develop a solid foundation in traditional hospitality business subjects and a global business mindset, the greatest asset and most critical skill in business today. This intensive one year Diploma prepares our students to be leaders who possess a deep knowledge of the international hospitality environment. This Program includes a capstone course that stresses students’ experiences and learning more than course content. The In-Company Integrative Project (ICIP) highlights student-centered learning, attentive listening, experiential learning, direction following, collaborative and interactive learning, keen observation, communication skills, as well as critical and analytic thinking.

Program overview

Diploma in Hospitality Management is ideal for:

  • Foreign students looking to expand their horizons by studying in New York City
  • Domestic students looking to receive a hands-on hospitality business education

Program Entrance Requirements:

  • Entrance requirements: High School /GED
  • Required TOEFL Score- 450

Program Graduation Requirement:

  • Curriculum Specific Graduation Requirements: 2.0 GPA (C average)

Enrollment Agreement Requirements:

  • Breakdown: 24 courses+ Business Capstone (480 hours) + Integrative Project ( 60 hours each quarter )
  • Duration: 4 quarters (4 courses / quarter. Each quarter is 10 weeks.)
  • Total Instructional Hours: 1440 hours
  • International Students Requirements by SEVIS add 60 hours/ quarter for Integrative Project: 240 hours
  • Tuition:   $14,000  ( $3,500 / session ) for 2015

Program description

Part 1: Fundamentals of Hospitality
The first part of the Diploma program is focused on studying the fundamentals of hospitality industry, acquiring practical experience and understanding the global hospitality industry at introductory level. At the end of the first part of the program, students will be able to prove the basic tasks of the operational hotel departments, analyze and solve specific customer interaction situations. A significant amount of time is allocated for practice sessions in the school’s laboratories, complemented by the work experience students gain during the mandatory (international) internship.

Sem I

1101 Customer Care

1102 Front Office Operations Management

1103 Food Sanitation & Safety

1105 F&B Service Management

1106 English for Hospitality

Sem II

1201 Hospitality Today

1202 Gastronomy & Culinary Arts

1203 Housekeeping Operations Management

1305 Convention Management

1204 Hospitality Software

1205 Hospitality Accounting

1206 English for Hospitality

Part 2: Operations Management
The second part of the Diploma program is focused on operational management, as well as general management issues. At the end of the second part, the students will be able to assess a managerial situation, to analyze it and provide viable solutions. Also, they will be able to identify their career goals and create a professional development plan.


1301 Career Development

1302 Hospitality HR Management

1303 Research Methods

1402 Leadership & Management in the Hospitality Industry

1307 Business English

Sem IV

1401 Supervision in the Hospitality Industry

1304 Hospitality Sales & Marketing

1403 Hospitality Facilities Management& Design

1404 Cross Cultural Management

1406 Strategic Management

1405 Business Law

1407 Business English

Part 3: Optional in company practical training
The second ICPT facilitates a deeper understanding of the hospitality industry practices by placing students for a longer time within a hotel, country club, resort in USA, Europe or Asia during which time they will be rotated on different positions in one or more departments of the host company.