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Student email account

As part of the enrollment, each student will be given an American Hotel Academy Email Account.

Each student can access their personal email account by accessing the link found at: > home page > Press Student Email Button

Please follow the next steps to create your email address:
1. Click the Student Email button found at > home page
2. Enter Name:
3. Enter Password: name12#

If you have 2 surnames the first is the one you need to use for your email account. Please change your password as soon as you log in the first time.

Once you have your email account set, you can access it at this link:

About the student email:
All school information will be sent to your student email address or to your personal email address (the one you give to the Registrar). Please check it on a regular basis so you don’t miss any opportunities / news. Also if you are changing your personal email address please let the Registrar know about it.
Today you can start to share information with your fellow colleagues, prospective employees, friends and family, by using this email address.
With this email, you can start networking now using the professional networking platforms like LinkedIn.
Since this is a professional email address and it links you closely with the school, we recommend to use this as your primary email address in any correspondence that involves your professional activity such as prospective employees, internship placements etc.
As with any other resource of the school, we kindly ask you to use the email responsibly and to obey the internet usage rules and regulations.

For your PASSWORD or other difficulties in accessing your email account please contact Mrs. Carmen Ursoiu at email:

Online Campus – online resources

American Hotel Academy would like to present to you a valuable academic resource – OnlineCampus.

Please follow the next steps to create your email address:
1. Access the link:
Go to and click the OnlineCampus button found at > home page
2. Click LOGIN found at the right hand side of the page
3. Click on the right side of the page > Create New Account
4. Enter Username: your email address ; in order for your account to be valid, you must use the email address that the school has provided (
5. Enter Password: wathever you choose
6. Follow the next steps to finalize the registration
7. You will receive confirmation on your email about the creation of the account automatically.

About onlineCampus:
onlineCampus is an online platform that can keep you connected to all the important events taking place in the school.
Through onlineCampus you can have quick 24/7 access to:
• A news section
• Your weekly schedule
• Your grades
• Information about your courses
• Downloadable additional resources, handouts for your courses, posted by the lecturers
• Information about internships
• Career placement opportunities
• Blank forms
• Other students in the school or graduates of American Hotel Academy
• All Faculty of the school

You can also
• participate in forum discussions opened by the lecturers (can be compulsory or not) or by fellow students.
• Post assignments

All notifications concerning academic issues, internship and career / employment opportunities and student events are posted on the OnlineCampus, so we highly advise students to regularly check this resource.
Technical support:
For any difficulties in accessing your onlinecampus account or any other problems you might have about the use of the OnlineCampus, please contact Mrs. Carmen Ursoiu at