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Welcome to American Hotel Academy!

American Hotel Academy continuously develops innovative ways of ensuring that students engage successfully with both the academic and social aspects of school life.

Student Orientation Program at American Hotel Academy is a three stages program that will offer students a school-wide approach to transition and induction activities and to ensure synergy of support for students between central services and academic program teams.

Stage I – Pre-entry and transition

Pre-entry and transition covers all interaction with students (and their parents/caregivers) from when they are first considering applying to the School to when they have been accepted to join the School, up to the start of the academic year.

By the end of this period, students will have been offered support to help them make informed decisions about the school and the academic program, based on the understanding of entry requirements, and possible career and progression routes, underpinned by:
– Detailed knowledge of course content, including course options and units.
– Information on employment opportunities and career support.
– An indicative career timeline.
– Information on how students will be assessed.
– Guidance on what the key texts will be in first year.
– Information and guidance about student financial support arrangements.
– Information and guidance about securing accommodation, if required.
– Information on campus facilities, travel arrangements and support services.
– The opportunity to meet academic staff from their preferred choice of course.
– Information on pre-entry networking opportunities with other students.
– Electronic access to appropriate school systems and services prior to entry, such as School’s website and Facebook account.

Stage II – Welcome week / Early orientation period

Welcome Week covers the activities provided for students on arrival, and during the first few weeks at the School.

By the end of this period students will:
– Have been welcomed to the School, introduced to their program of study and academic requirements
– Be aware of the help available to support their learning and get to know their academic tutor
– Have been introduced to Internships and Placements Procedures
– Discover the Student Handbook and Student Services and Programs (other than academic)
– Know how to plan School around any external commitments
– Be aware of what social opportunities are available to them

Stage III – Ongoing orientation

Ongoing induction covers the whole period during which a student is studying at American Hotel Academy. The aim of this stage is to enable students to develop the necessary learning skills to complete their program of study successfully; become active members of the community; and make effective transitions into the next stage of their lives.

This will be facilitated by:
– Support for developing a capacity for self-reflection and independent learning
– Access to student services programs such as: career development, individual or group counselling, extracurricular workshops & seminars, alumni services and others
– A periodic and structured review of student engagement with courses, student surveys
– Access to academic staff and tutors outside of timetabled contact hours
– Opportunities to develop a portfolio of skills and experience which supports employment and career progression
– Access to opportunities for further engagement with School support services
– Opportunity to participate in a variety of activities (academic, social or networking with the industry) to promote transition and progression

What is Welcome Week?

Welcome Week is an American Hotel Academy traditional event, which is organized at the beginning of the academic year, with the help and involvement of Student Ambassadors or senior students.

Through this period, students are welcomed to the School and introduced to their program of study. Students will be offered support to aid transition in both their academic studies and life at American Hotel Academy.

For existing students it’s a “welcome back” to school as we begin the academic year. For new students it’s the first contact with the campus community, lecturers, staff and colleagues.

Students will participate in a wide variety of programs that range from enrollment to housing, student services & student government to internships & placements, safety to academic orientation, with a mix of social activities which are meant to connect all American Hotel Academy community members.

During this week, students will be given:


  • Access to information to support induction and enrollment, including online and paper based materials
  • The opportunity to complete their enrollment
  • Access to a full timetable for the academic year
  • Detailed information about the campus where they will be studying
  • Access to information and support for financial and accommodation arrangements
  • An introduction to the program of study by key academic staff, including the opportunity to discuss students’ expectations of the program and programs’ expectations of it’s students
  • Information about where to access the School’s Regulations and presentation of Student Handbook
  • Information about the services & support available from their Student Services Office and Student Government
  • Access to information for financial support, health & safety advice and accommodation arrangements
  • Information about the support available from Library services, Placements, Career Development and Counseling Services
  • Access to information about the social opportunities within the school, recreational facilities and ‘where to go’ in Brasov
  • Formal and informal opportunities to meet other students and academic staff on their program