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Mission Statement

Student Government at American Hotel Academy serves as a liaison between students and faculty. We aim to provide opportunities for shared governance, career, personal and leadership development, socialization and fun to all our colleagues.

Free, independent and impartial advice

The student advice center offers help and support on all the main issues affecting students at American Hotel Academy.
Our main role is to ensure that your time at school is not lessened through a lack of support or knowledge of your rights or rules & regulations.

Use the form on this page to contact your Student President or School Counselor for feedback, comments, suggestions and advice on issues affecting you such as:

Student Government exists at American Hotel Academy to represent the view of our community members – the student body. It is run and governed by a group of elected students and we are open to continuous employment to support the work of the elected officers.
Help and involvement in student activities is always welcomed and appreciated. Any American Hotel Academy student and staff member can get involved in student activities and life.

Student Government Team – Students for Students

  • Mihai Litoiu – Student President
  • Andreea Dodan – Vice-President
  • Alexandra Leontescu – Head of Events
  • Alexandra Hanza – Head of Events
  • Andreea Buri – Head of Marketing & PR
  • Stefan Chitoi – Head of Sales
  • Andreea Dodan – Head of Projects
  • Sandra Bahmat – Head of Interns
  • Corina Dinescu – Head of Interns
  • Andreea Grigore – Group Representative
  • Bianca Bar – Group Representative
  • Bogdan Beliban – Group Representative
  • Andreea Becut – Group Representative

Student Government’s working calendar is shaped mainly by your needs and ideas. So, if you want to have an IMPACT on student’s life at American Hotel Academy you can:

  • Be a part of Student Government and leave your mark on School’s history
  • Share ideas with us.
  • Help & Support us in implementing new ideas, projects or activities.
  • BE PART of Student Government by completing THIS FORM.

Welcome to Student Activities

The Student Services staff and Student Reps are here to help you get involved in a variety of student events and activities.
Whether it is providing leadership learning experiences, developing career opportunities, helping plan an event, assisting in program development or problem solving, we encourage all students to experience as many out-of-the-classroom activities as possible.
We look forward to see you getting involved in any of the many different events that the Academy facilitates.
Stop by the Student Services Office to learn how to make the best of your experience at American Hotel Academy.

2016 – 2017 EVENTS

Banner Activities

1st of April – Open Day

Let’s give others the occasion of experiencing what is American Hotel Academy all about and take a peek at the activities that add a little color to the students’ life. Check our Facebook page for more photos.

22nd of March – Summer State Of Mind – Farewell Party

This is the last party for the students during the academic year. It gives a proper ending before going in their internships and also some fun before the last exams.


10 Years of AHA Celebration – The name says it all! The students have an anniversary day in which they celebrate a decade of progress and incredible memories.

23rd of February – AHA Neon Party – PROM

The Prom also includes a talent show for the students. It gives a great chance to the students as they will be able to participate in the Miss and Mister Contest, have fun and win some amazing prizes.

14th of February – #LovemoreDeservemore

The 2nd edition of the Valentine’s Day project that started in 2016. It was inspired by a famous Romanian photographer – Marta Popescu. It is a great occasion for the students to express their feelings about what they love.

30th of January – AHA Movie Night 2

As it was requested by the students, the Events Team will organize a second movie night in New York Room with a different type of movie in order to have a break from hospitality and to enjoy a nice evening together.

15th – 20th of January #ajutBradet

After a tragic event that took place at the Bradet Centre Orphanage, American Hotel Academy students decided to step in once again an offer a little help and comnpassion. We gathered clothes, toys, bed settings and money to replace what has been destroyed in the fire.

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.”

13th of January – Welcome Back Party

What better way to give a warm WELCOME to the students than organizing a Welcome Back Party? We highlighted a great start to the Second Semester of this academic year. Everybody got to catch up, to enjoy an amazing night and to even enjoy some traditional Romanian music.For more pictures please check our Facebook page.

6th of December – AHA X-mas Party

In order to make the students associate kindness with fun and to get the Christmas Spirit going, we managed to introduce an event on the 6th of December where the AHA family had a blast. Also, the students had a fun activity – Secret Santa – from which all of them left with a little present. For more pictures please check our Facebook page.

5th – 9th of December – KINDness Week – fundraising event

It was a challenge to organize and form a structure for this particular event but since it was for a great cause, we managed to focus and give our best. The event was spread throughout one week, in which the students experienced different themes each day but with the same purpose – to raise money and gather donations for Bradet Orphanage. The event overall was a success as many students got involved and helped by either donating objects or purchasing items from our stands. We combined kindness with pleasure and created wonderful memories. For more pictures please check our Facebook page.

14th of November – AHA Movie Night

As we did in the previous years, we organized the event American Hotel Academy Movie Night, where the students could enjoy a wonderful movie, related to the hospitality industry and just have a relaxing evening.

5th of November – Internship and Career

The best way to encourage other people to step out of their comfort zone is to make them confront their fears. The students had to do a little storytelling regarding their experience in their first internship. The event was a success as people were delighted to find out what is an internship all about.For more pictures please check our Facebook page.

31st of October – AHA Halloween Party

It all started with a holiday and a theme. Since Halloween was just around the corner, the students had the occasion to dress up in the craziest costumes and enjoy a night in Brasov’s most spacious and popular club – MOVe. The event itself was entertaining and there was also a costume contest in which the participants had to go through some amusing situations. For more pictures please check our Facebook page.

4th of October – AHA Welcome Party

Even better than an icebreaker meeting, the best way to make people loosen up and see that American Hotel Academy students know how to have fun, is to make them come to a party and have a blast. With that being said, the AHA Welcome Party was the starter of new friendships that will most definitely last for a lifetime. All of the students gathered to start the academic year in an entertaining manner. Also, the students got the chance to meet the academy’s friendly DJ, Stefan Chitoi, who kept the party going.

28th of September – American Hotel Academy Icebreaker

Since the best idea to form a family and to get along with each other is to socialize and to actually get to know the new and the old students; the first informal event was an American Hotel Academy Icebreaker  / socialising event in which students got the chance to meet new people. All in all, it was a socializing event for the students in order for them to start building their frienships at American Hotel Academy.

28th of September 2016 – Opening Ceremony

The first event that started the academic year 2016-2017 was the Opening Ceremony which was described as being grand and spectacular. For more pictures please check our Facebook page.





Student or not, this is the place where you can find recommendations when researching what Hospitality and Travelling means.

For the American Hotel Academy students, this section and its subsections will help you plan your next internship:

  • tips and tricks for what you have to do when travelling in a specific destination
  • what to visit and explore
  • what cultural information can be of real value

For all the ones that are still deciding if hospitality and travelling are/or can be part of their daily life, we want to help you imagine a life like this.

The Art of Travelling

Here you can find blogs and articles about some of the locations in which students are going in internships.

Do not worry if your location is not listed, the best part of the internet is that you can find anything you need in one place. So, be curios and browse for more information!


Hand Luggage Only recommend 17 Things You Need To Do On A Visit To Berlin , an article with locations for every kind of traveller: the artist, the historic, the aristocrat, the gourmand, the shopper and the traveller.
If you liked this article, do not stop here and browse more articles from Hand Luggage Only, including their Instagram account.

Abi from Inside the TravelLab offers you a list of 7 Unusual Things to Do in Germany. And the best part of her travel blog is The Best Places To Visit section – here you can find information from places all around the world, including suggested times when to visit a certain location. Follow Abi here.

Because we offered information for those visiting Berlin, here you can find some information about what places you can go and visit when being in Freudenstadt.

Also, we give a big recommendation towards the official website of German Travel Experience. This is the German Tourism Government’s website, so every information you find and read here is well researched and documented. Enjoy the information you find here.


For this lovely country we have an interesting article, the most recommended for those who are travelling for the first time in Belgium. It is written by Two Monkeys Travel Group and can be found here.

First time or not in Belgium, we would like to recommend Sofie’s list from Wonderful Wanderings. She compelled an entire digital book full with information about every single aspect you have to take in consideration when travelling in a foreign country.

And because we like to do free things when travelling, please have a look at CheeseWeb to see which are the 10 free things to do in Brussels.

Greece & Cyprus

Alexandra, from To Vogue or Bust, wrote What you need to know about Greece. Note that her article is more for those travelling for relaxation, but we are sure you can find useful information here. Also, do not forget to follow her on Instagram, #tvobtakesgreece.

Being in internship or just travelling, you have to visit the ancient Greece. Follow the Cruising Couple’s steps in Athens, in a 48 hours’ tour. Do not worry if time is not on your side, the best part about travelling is that anytime you think you visited everything, you discover you don’t. The article above will take you on a tour including history, food, and sunsets.

If you will visit Cyprus this year you have to go in these 4 locations recommended by Danny from The Dusty Compass. And if you go, please share with us your stories.


From Julia, who is writing as The Boho Traveller, we chose  Two Week Italian Itinerary. The article is interesting especially for its “Must-Do” lists, for every city she visited. Maybe you will have the opportunity to do the 2 weeks’ journey, maybe you will only have the opportunity to visit just one of these city – the most important is to try any of her advice #the_bohotraveller.

We meet once again with Yaya and Lloyd from Hand Luggage Only and this time we talk about 30 Travel Tips You Need To Know Before Visiting Italy.

Read Ashely’s list with the 44 Tips for Travelling in Italy – 44 things to know when you are travelling in Italy, short and on the point, take them into consideration and have a well-known journey!


Hand Luggage Only is here once again, but this time with 25 Travel Tips You Need To Know Before Visiting Spain. The best part about the stories here is that the writers do not stay only in one place when travelling: follow their steps, take pictures, experience, and then, of course, share your experience with us!

Also, go with them to Barcelona and explore every bit of history, art and culture.

Our final recommendation for Spain is the Budget Guide to Madrid. The perfect guide for you to see the beauty of Madrid without spending a fortune there.

United Kingdom

Before visiting the United Kingdom, we invite you to take a look at the 10 Places to be visited in this wonderful location. Please note that this article is more nature oriented.

Moving on, we suggest two articles from one of our well-known bloggers, Hand Luggage Only and Two Monkeys Travel Group. This journey is in London. What you will read here will prepare you for your next adventure with tips and tricks and recommended locations for you to visit while in London!

If you are passionate about history then a location you have to visit is York! Two Traveling Texans are your host this time for a historical adventure!


Now is the time for your big adventure!

Second year student, or not, you have to take the fullest out of your internship period or vacation in the States. We selected for you a few recommendations for “when in USA”, but our advice is to peek your senior colleague’s Facebook accounts, or even better talk with them directly. The Internship Coordinators in the academy will help you find them.

No surprise, but Hand Luggage Only made a list of 11 Places You Should Visit in The USA Bun Have Probably Never Heard Of . This are more-nature, less-touristic recommendations but if you have at least one of these places on your Bucket List,  you have to take a look at this article!

With Hand Luggage Only you can also make a short visit to Chicago, for another 10 Incredible Things To Do.

Lindsay, from Frugal Frolicker, is suggesting us to spend 5 days in New York, along with a full itinerary. So, if you will travel in New York, try her recommendations and leave a feedback for us on the American Hotel Academy Student Club facebook page with details and pictures!

We hope you will find this sub-section useful and resourceful. Do not forget to read, reread and travel! And most of all, share your story with us using our Facebook page – American Hotel Academy Students Club and Instagram account – @aharomania

Homework when Travelling

Check this sub-section and stay up-to-date with all the important information necessary when going in an internship.

Germany   Belgium   Greece and Cyprus   Italy   Spain

Travel Blogging

Here is the place where you can learn how to share your travelling experinces in a professional and resourceful way. Find here some websites and articles with tips and tricks about what to do in order to become a successful travel blogger.


Hospitality Support

An important part in the life of a hospitality industry student / graduate / employee is being up-to-date at all times with everything that is happening in the hospitality industry.

The following websites are the perfect start for you to research about this industry and to stay updated with the ongoing changes happening in the hospitality industry all the time. Follow these websites, like their facebook accounts and stay connected with them.

Enjoy and stay informed!

HOSCO, Skift, Tnooz, TripAdvisor;

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