Study in Brasov, Transylvania | American Hotel Academy

Situated in the heart of the country (Eastern Transylvania) and protected by the natural border of the mountains, the old city of Corona – or Kronstadt, as the German colonists used to call it – started as a tiny settlement founded in 1211 by the Teutonic Knights, in time it became one of the safest medieval cities of Transylvania.

Today, Brasov is a modern city that naturally integrates traces of the past. Starting from The Counsel Square, where medieval fairs took place, the little streets calmly unfold among themselves, guarded by solid houses whose architecture preserves the Renaissance influences with Baroque, Rococco and Classical appearances.

Even if the centuries have passed by, Brasov preserves much of its original character, full of cultural effervescence. Apart from the variety of terraces, cafes, secondhand bookshops and antique shops that delight most collectors, Brasov is an excellent departure point for exploring the surrounding areas.