Concept | American Hotel Academy

This program is offered by AMERICAN HOTEL ACADEMY in partnership with MANHATTAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT and it is delivered in a multi campus setting. It is an intensive, 3 year career oriented study program which aims to develop students a solid foundation in traditional hospitality management subjects and a global business mindset – the greatest asset and most critical skill in business today.

Start your studies in US and graduate in Europe:
US: focus on operations management – 2 years: Hospitality Fundamentals + Operations Management + 2 paid internships

– EU: focus on degree requirements – 1 year: global management + dissertation + professional trips within the EU.

Program key features:
– program structure: 3 years of classes and paid internships on two continents: North America & Europe.
– faculty: international master and PhD educated teachers, industry executives and practitioners.
– the program also features: guest lecturers, professional trips, career development and tutoring services.
– intermediate certificates are awarded as the students progress through different stages of the program.
– both American and European certification is awarded.
– affordable tuition fees: lower than then ones charged by similar schools in Western Europe or USA.
– fantastic opportunities, top facilities and inspirational teaching – you’ll be at the center of an international community with a passion for learning and discovery.