If I were to turn back time, I would choose American Hotel Academy again, without a doubt…    

Andrei Stoica is currently Sales Coordinator at Four Seasons, London, a famous and luxury hotel chain, known all over the world. He agreed to sincerely speak about his new job and the role that American Hotel Academy had in his professional path. As an alumnus, he feels confident now, though he fought hard for getting here. But he totally enjoyed the ride…


How did American Hotel Academy change your way of thinking, your professional path?
American Hotel Academy has completely changed me as an individual. I had the opportunity to widely open my eyes and see what this world can offer. After my graduation, I had a completely different lifestyle and personality.
What were the teachers that marked your career path?
I was impressed by the level of experience our tutors had. It’s best to learn from someone who has done it before, rather than someone who is only reading a story. I think everyone made a good impression by being very knowledgeable and professional.
What was the job that defined you as a hospitality person?
It was my first position as a Waiter that taught me what hard work means and how to appreciate every effort that everyone around you is doing. It also started my passion for F&B, a cornerstone in Hospitality.

What did you like most about this job?
The workload was sometimes overwhelming, but the pressure easily turned into excitement and I started enjoying it. I also loved the opportunity of meeting people from all over the world. This opened up my interest in multiculturalism.

Please give an example of a situation in the professional life that you will remember as a special one?When I shook hands with Jamie Foxx.
 founder four seasons(Andrei Stoica and Isadore Sharp, Founder And Chairman, Four Seasons Hotels And Resorts) How was your internship experience in America, in Beverly Hills?
A lifetime experience and a big step forward for my career.
What did you like best in being an American Hotel Academy student?
The exposure to international culture.
What tips can you share with your first years’ colleagues that are now students at American Hotel Academy?
Pay attention to detail and be proactive in your learning approach. Show interest in everything and always ask questions.
Can you make them a recommendation as an alumnus?Try tapping into every department and learn as much as you can about other people’s jobs. This will help you gain trust and respect. Also, you will know easier what’s best for you and your career. There is plenty of time ahead so no need to rush (perhaps I should remind this myself sometimes).
Please tell us what your position is in Four Seasons Hotel.
I work as a Sales Coordinator within the UK Collection sales office, looking after all the Four Seasons in the UK: Hampshire, London at Park Lane and London at Ten Trinity Square (opening late 2016).
How did Four Seasons challenge changed your career?
Four Seasons is the company where everything has to be accurate and running at 110%. I learned that there is always room to go the extra mile and this is what’s making a difference.
Who is inspiring you? Who do you admire the most in your career?
My Director of Sales who is my best example of a real leader. I will always try to deliver over the expectations in front of him.
Are you thinking of coming back to Romania?
I will always come and visit. I can’t make decisions about where I will live though, it’s hard to say if I will ever move back.
If you were to turn back time, would you still choose American Hotel Academy?
Without a doubt.