“American Hotel Academy represents for me…my family!”

Eliana Bucur belongs to the first generation American Hotel Academy alumni that worked hard for every step she made in her career, had the ability to pour passion over the hospitality ingredients, never said “no” to a challenge and followed the same aim she had since she was 8 years old, when she wanted to make people happy… She works in the Sales department at Kronwell Brasov Hotel, our partner in creating great hospitality dedicated persons. The interview with her is her praise to what American Hotel Academy has offered her…

The transition from academic to practical knowledge

How did American Hotel Academy changed your way of thinking, your professional path?

American Hotel Academy enabled a straightforward and rewarding transition from my academic and practical knowledge gained during the past years, to a successful and promising career in the industry. It is not only the knowledge, but also the environment that stimulated my growth into a hospitality professional.

What were the teachers that marked your career path?

It is difficult to nominate one or two of the teachers and lecturers that marked my career path. I can confirm that the proficiency and the dedication of my tutors were nothing but exceptional.

My purpose, my belief: to make people happy

What was the job that defined you as a hospitality person?

The first real touch with the industry began with the position held as a Front Desk Representative in London during the practical internship encouraged and supported by the Academy. It was amazing working in one of the largest metropolises of the world with a mixture of cultures which actually enhanced my ability to accommodate, understand and respect people no matter the colour of their skin, religion, or believes. It made me realise that I was there with the same purpose of making people happy, and to ensure a memorable experience in London, in a positive way of course.

Further to my experience in the United Kingdom, a challenging opportunity occurred during my summer internship in Greece as a Guest Relations Representative of Daios Cove Luxury Resort & Villas. It is an impressive property where I had the opportunity to be one step closer to carefully assisting our guests during their stay, with a variety of queries and requests (boat trips, restaurant reservations, meal plans, special diets, surprise celebrations, as well as other requirements).

I am now proud to hold a Key Account Manager position in the Sales department at the newest business & lifestyle hotel in Brasov. I believe that the current experience at Kronwell Brasov Hotel has given me the opportunity to take my career to the next level. Needless to say, my current position here is what really defines me as a hospitality person.

What do you like most about this job?

I enjoy the people I work with and I feel positive about my contribution to the business. Listening to customers’ needs and constantly maintaining and developing relationships with our guests is what I find the most satisfying aspect of my current job.

American Hotel Academy…the place where both professors and students are extremely passionate about hospitality

What did you like best in being an American Hotel Academy student?

The stimulating and encouraging environment was one of the best part of being part of the American Hotel Academy family. The results of these wonderful years are life lasting friendships and beautiful memories that will remain forever in my heart. It is amazing to be in a place where both the professors and students are extremely passionate about hospitality.

Be confident in yourself and take advantage in the countless opportunities that you will find in the academy

What tips can you share with your first years’ colleagues that are now students at American Hotel Academy? Can you make them a recommendation as an alumnus?

I would first like to congratulate the current students for their choice so as to become a student of American Hotel Academy. I can confirm that they will find here a unique experience, which will enhance both their management and leadership skills. I encourge all of them to keep focused and to be confident in themselves, in their professor and lecturers. Always remember to take pride in yourselves and what your are doing, and take advantage of the countless opportuinities that you will be given here.

As a quick reminder nothing comes easy in this life, you need to work hard for it, especially in such a competitive nowadays hospitalty industry, where you need to dedicate time and energy into one direction: to meet and exceed guests’ expectations!

What really defines me as a hospitality person is…passion

Who inspires you? Who do you admire the most in your career?

People tend to find inspiration in some other personality. Why should we do that? I can say that I admire my family for the core values and life principles taught. Of course there are people I have met along the way that I respect, such as my former Rooms Division Manager in London, who carefully guided my first steps in the industry. One of the things that I’ve learnt from these experiences is that we should notice and learn from both good and bad examples met along the way; never forget to trust ourselves and our abilities that in the end will help us in achieving our goals.

It is so exciting to have a new challenge with every planned event at Kronwell Hotel

How did Kronwell Brasov Hotel challenge change your career?

I’ve been part of this project since its pre-opening in 2012. I can briefly describe it as unique and useful experience. This is the time you actually realize how many details and how much work stays behind opening a new business, a new location; these details are the ones make the difference in the end.

As part of the Front Office team we were in charge of introducing our guests to the Kronwell concept, as well as to assure a maximum level of comfort and service throughout their stay. After a couple of months as part of the Front Office team, a great opportunity arise, which in the same time proved to be one of the biggest challenges of my career until that moment: a Junior Sales Representative position. I had no idea that I could be good at this whatsoever. Now, after more than one year operating in the Sales department, I could not imagine myself doing something else. It is so exciting to have a new challenge with every event that you plan and organise, with every new or repeated guest that you come in contact with. The feeling of accomplishment at the end is unique. There’s no doubt that there would be many things that I could share with you for hours about the Kronwell concept, and last but not least about the great team behind this successful project.

I am confident that the American Hotel Academy family will be again a part of my path

Are you thinking of continuing with a master at American Hotel Academy? An MBA?

I am currently focused on continuing to pursue my career with my current employer, although I am sure that new learning opportunities would arise by starting a master program with American Hotel Academy. Nonetheless I am confident that the American Hotel Academy family will be again part of my path.