We can always see him surrounded by students, being friendly and open, making jokes and discussing with students all kinds of topics. However, who is he? Well, let’s meet Mr. Dorus

As you are a relatively new lecturer at American Hotel Academy, would you mind giving us a short presentation about yourself? Who is Mr. Alexandru Dorus?
A former General Manager with about 20 years of experience in the hospitality field and a live representation of all these professional experiences put together.

Can you explain us how did you find your passion for this field? Why the hospitality industry?
By chance. Life offered me the opportunity of working in a 5 star hotel; I liked it, became the “labour of love” and never left it.

What about the career as a General Manager? Would you be so kind to give us some insight into this? How did you start, what was your first position? How did you advance within the organization?
Well…I started as simple animator, a third party employee. It took me about 3 years just to become a regular employee of a hotel… followed by:
Chief animator/Assistant Recreation Manager/ Recreation Manager / Leisure Manager/ DEMOTED AND CHANGED LINES to Bar Manager / Assistant FB Manager / Director of FB / EAM i/c of FB / Hotel Manager / General Manager.
Advancing has multiple coordinates and all of them need to be fulfilled: Integrity / Honesty / Diplomacy / Professionalism / Perception on all levels.

Can you tell us what are the qualifications for such a position? What about the experience you need in order to become a General Manager?
See above. Additionally, I had fulfilled numerous cross-trainings within all of the departments, from cooking and cleaning to plumbing and painting walls, passing through Sales, PR and Accounting as well. I did everything, observed everything, and learned everything around me. A GM has to know everything from within. This is the only way. A “blind” person taking this as a regular job, using horse glasses will never became a GM. But …we cannot be all Gm’s anyhow.

What was the hardest thing you have encountered on your way to success?

Where do you see the Romanian hospitality in 5 years?
In the same place. The only chance is with you guys to change it. And that means the next 20 years, provided you are not all running out of here….

There are some rumours amongst the students that you are multilingual. Can you tell us the languages you know? How did you manage to learn them all?
7 languages in different levels. English/Italian/French/German/Russian/Arabic/Romanian. Now for this you need to have a bit of talent, IQ and good memory in order to “hook” words from one language to a different language. The secret is never to refer to your native mother tongue…..but use all the knowledge you have, from all the languages together at 100%

The internships are coming very fast, do you have any advice for the first year students?
Go and do it. See if you like it. That is all. Do you like? Ok. Put your back into it! If not like, stop losing your time, find what you like and do that. If you have no clue regarding what you want, try different departments until you feel comfortable with one. Get to know yourself and then channel on that.
Only like this one can became successful.

Thank you!