Who is The Program for | American Hotel Academy

This is a long term program which blends classes taught in campus with international internships, requiring a high level of commitment from the students. Therefore, those who choose this program should be prepared to make studying their main concern during these three years. Although we welcome to apply any high-school graduates, please find below the candidates whom this program is best suited for.

Recent high-school graduates

The main audience for this program: being at the beginning of their professional journey, the bachelor program is the ideal path through which future students can gradually gain work experience and managerial skills for their future career in the hospitality industry.

Transferred students

Students enrolled in hotel management post secondary schools or at public or private universities around the world, in a 2-year diploma program or in a degree program in Tourism, Hospitality Management or related – may transfer, if they meet the eligibility criteria, to American Hotel Academy.

Hospitality Employees

Another target audience consists of hospitality industry professionals, who have leadership aspirations but still lack the management knowledge and skills and the appropriate degree they need to fill in managerial positions. Building on their previous professional experience this program will contribute to an exciting future of many career opportunities that will open for them.

Career switchers

These are usually professionals working in other fields of the economy, who are considering a career change in hotel / hospitality management, who have not completed a degree program yet and their time allows them to pursue a full time 3 year degree program.