Last Friday, on January 26th 2018, our 1st year students had a unique open hour about the most common drink that we all have during the day, but we know almost nothing about it: coffee.

Our lecturer Ioana Turcas who is teaching the Food & Beverage classes, invited Mr. Angelino Toader, Business Development Manager at ‘Jezabel CAFÉ’ as he has an experience of more than 15 years in managing and organizing start-up projects for well-known coffee brands. He explained to American Hotel Academy students the details that we all should take into consideration when choosing our coffee.

The guest speaker began his presentation with the interesting legend of the coffee. It is said that in 600 AD a shepherd noticed his animals after eating the leaves and fruits of a certain plant, with a strange behavior and in a state of agitation. Strangely, next day in the morning, his sheep were calmed down. As he was intrigued about this fact, he also ate the fruits of this plan. Even if their taste was not quite pleasant, he realized that the fatigue accumulated during the day faded away and he felt energized and reinvigorated. Lately, the monks in that area discovered that after consuming a mixture between the fruits of that plant and oil, they were able to memorize a lot more prayers than before.

The topics of the class were about the origins, the varieties, the harvesting and processing techniques of the coffee, the main brewing methods and the coffee trading. Did you knew that coffee merchandising occupies the 2nd place in the global economy after oil trade? For those who are interested, businesses related with coffee, represents a high profitable source.

Students were explained the cause of the price variation and the difference between Arabica and Robusta coffee.  Mr. Angelino underlined that coffee should be drunk after eating and not before 10:00 am. He explained that if the reinvigorating liquid is consumed while our organism has his own energy supply (accumulated after a good night of sleep) our organism will tend to become lazier. So, try to drink your coffee after a healthy breakfast and not earlier than 10:00 AM.

The millennial question “Which is the best coffee?” received many different and funny answers from our students. But the coffee specialist, concluded the topic by stating that the best coffee is the one that we like. Although is important to be aware of the processes that stay behind this “magic potion” that energize us on a daily basis.

Coffee quality is a matter of taste, but as it is included in our daily menu, we believe it is mandatory to know more about it!