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2023 Start Dates

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2023 Start Dates
Application Process
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Bachelor in International Hotel Business Management

Start Date: October 2nd

Application Deadline
EU: September 29th

Turn your passion into your dream career

The hospitality industry is made up of those individuals who are passionate about making people happy and would like to build a career around this passion. You must provide guests with services that are of the highest quality, but is not only about the processes, organization and management.  It’s about providing guests with an opportunity to enjoy their journeys through memories and experiences.

The hospitality industry involves so much more than just knowing how to serve a table or make a reservation. Allow us to share our love for people and for this industry with you and show you how to turn your passion in your day to day job!

Click here to see our student profile and if hospitality is the right choice for you!


Discover Brasov

Study in one of the most famous and authentic cities in Romania, blending its medieval atmosphere and natural wonders with breathtaking activities and nightlife.