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    Career Coaching

    Career Coaching is meant to assist students in order to professionally grow and reach their true potential. It takes place through individual coaching sessions or through workshops such as CV and application letter writing, presentation skills, LinkedIn and video resume, elevator pitch and many more.

    Professional growth

    Add clarity to your career path and build confidence for future interviews with the help of our career counsellors!

    How can we assist you?

    Our Services


    • One-on-one confidential discussions with a Career Counsellor
    • Career development workshops
    • Personal development workshops
    • Tips & Tricks on career related issues
    • Career assessments & guidance if you are undecided about the fittest career path for you
    • Work experience and volunteering opportunities while at school

    Walk-in Hours


    • Walk-in appointments are 15 minutes in length and start from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM, from Monday to Friday @theCareerOffice.
    • Walk-ins can be used for quick questions, resume reviews, cover letter reviews or to find out more about Career Development Services.

    Make an Appointment


    • Please call +40 268 455 401 between 09:00 AM to 4:00 PM to schedule an appointment with the Career Counsellor.
    • Appointment times range from 30 minutes to 1 hour in length.
    • Be prepared to answer a few questions regarding your reason for appointment and to give your name, email address and phone number.

    Personal Development

    Counselling services and Life Skills Workshops take place to assist students with their personal growth. The activities aim at developing essential life skills and helping students achieve their true potential while studying.
    The secret to career success is blending work that you enjoy with work at which you excel.

    Personal growth

    Grow and develop crucial interpersonal skills through our well-prepared personal development workshops.

    What will I learn?

    You can now develop your soft skills and excel at work, by participating at any of the designated workshops:

    Workshops Designed for First Year Students

    • Asertiveness
    • Empathy & Active Listening
    • Non-verbal Communication Skills
    • Decision Making & Problem Solving
    • Presentation Skills
    • Conflict Resolution & Mediation

    Workshops Designed for Second Year Students

    • Career Planning
    • Personal Skills for Body & Mind
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Stress Management
    • Planning & Organizing Skills
    • Networking Skills
    • Budgeting & Personal Financial Planning

    Workshops Designed for Third Year and Master Students

    • Job Search Strategy & Research
    • Conflict Resolution & Mediation
    • Strategic Thinking Skills
    • Entrepreneurship & Self-employment Skills
    • Negociation & Persuasion Skills
    • Leadership Skills
    • Teaching, Mentoring, Coaching & Counselling
    • Interview Skills – “How to interview people?”

    American Hotel Academy organizes workshops all through the year to further help you continue develop yourself both personally and professionally. The workshops are posted on the online career platform when they are organized, and they become visible to all the students. The students can access the workshops descriptions and sign up to attend if interested.


    Field Trips

    We organize field trips to host companies in Romania to help unite our students with industry experts and to learn more about the industry and how to start a career in hospitality.

    Expand your network

    Meet and connect with industry professionals during class and organised field trips in Romanian top hospitality companies!

    Field trips are great opportunities for students to:

    Understand the industry better.

    Take part in fun activities.

    See what happens in real work situations and how different occupations look like.

    Create future employment opportunities.

    Bond with their colleagues.

    Connect with industry professionals, network and become inspired.


    Reach your potential

    Our career and personal development workshops help our students grow and become more confident by reducing their personal and professional insecurities and providing a clear path towards their dreams.