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Who is ELITE for?

ELITE admission days

ELITE Intakes

Dates: TBD

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What are the Admission Days?

A major part of our admissions procedure is our Admission Day events for our new ELITE concept.  


You will have to visit us for a day of group activities, individual exercises, and presentations. Your performance in these activities will stand behind our decision when selecting candidates for ELITE.  


More affordable than ever

To reward you for your high performance, one of the biggest perks of being ELITE is a significant discount for your tuition fee.
Here are all the admission requirements to qualify as an ELITE student:

IELTS 6.5 or equivalent

The applicant takes a personality test (CPI260 / KFALP) for leadership potential

Letter of intent (could be a recorded video)

A minimum of 1 foreign language known at a conversational level besides English, test through an online interview or B1 certificate, exceptions being native speakers

Previous volunteer or similar activities are a big plus (competitions, projects, ERASMUS, etc.)

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Need more info?

If you have any other questions, our Admissions representative would be more than happy to help you understand what it means to be ELITE.