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    Who is ELITE for?

    Choose your future

    We give you the support and tools that you need to succeed on the career path that you decide.

    Build a network 

    We will set you up for building relationships that will make achieving your goals far easier.

    Work with a mentor 

    We accelerate your professional growth by providing a perfect personal mentor for your needs.

    Career benefits

    Here are the career benefits you should expect:

    Shadowing & mentoring

    You will receive a personal mentor for your 3rd academic year (BA), who will be selected based on your career development choice - entrepreneur / professional / academic.

    Ending of the year team building

    Based on the results you get at the yearly international competition, together with your ELITE colleagues, you will go on a 2-day team building at the end of the year to get to know each other better and grow as a community. And what's better, we will cover your costs. Good luck!

    Exclusivity for the International Trainee Network (ITN) scholarships

    You will get exclusive access to one of the 5 scholarships offered by our USA internship partner - International Trainee Network. Three of them amount to ~3800$ and two of them amount to ~1900$. (You still have to apply and earn the scholarship from ITN.) This can also result in a guaranteed management trainee position in the USA, for your 3rd internship.

    Internal career development opportunities

    You could be presented with temporary or permanent positions within our company, if there are any open and suitable positions - as intern or employee, if this fits your desired career path.

    Immersion within our company

    You will enjoy a progressive immersion within our company and its culture - you will be treated as our employees are treated, go through an induction process, gain access to a private working space & equipment, etc. In other words, you will be part of our team.


    Next-level career building

    While designing ELITE, we identified the perfect development paths for an elite student and prepared the perfect activities, tools and people for them to reach their future goals.

    Career responsibilities

    Here are the career responsibilities you need to fulfil:

    Respecting the code of conduct

    As you will be treated as an employee, you will have to respect our internal code of conduct in matters, such as: dress code, exemplary behaviour, confidentiality, etc. Remember, this will also be important for your future career, because it builds discipline.

    Respecting internship placements

    You must approach internships with respect, ethics and maturity - once you make a decision regarding your internship choice you must stick to it and you should not leave before your contract expires.

    Participation to team buildings

    As a gesture of respect for your colleagues and your program leader, we expect you to not miss this yearly event. It is important for our ELITE students to form a strong community that will last through their academic years, and perhaps even further.

    Respecting our company's communication standards

    You will gain acces and you must use our internal communication manual - which dictates internal and external communication guidelines (formatting documents, use of correct fonts, e-mail signature, etc.).