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American Hotel Academy has created a program – LINK, that aims at shaping the business environment we operate in, by transferring knowledge between the academic and business hospitality environments.


We would like to invite you to be part of the project and would be delighted to learn with and from you, our business partners by working on a mutually beneficial LINK between our Master Programme and your Organization. We want to understand your needs for knowledge regarding the internal and environmental aspects of our activity and provide you support for exploring them through our student’s Dissertation research papers.


During the upcoming Academic year (2021-2022), we are aiming for successful research papers based on topics that you, our partners, will help shape. The aim is to deliver answers to your specific queries that can support you better understand the specific business growth opportunities for your organization; as well as to ensure that the dissertation outputs are more relevant and applicable to the hospitality community.


If you are interested to understand our students’ research process and see its value for the industry and its potential impact on your work, please reach out to our MSc Programme Coordinator:



Ioana Turcas
MSc Programme Coordinator