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Internships are a crucial part of our program. They are not only an amazing educational and professional experience, but also a chance to have fun, travel to new places and meet new people.
Want to learn more about what it's like to go on an internship? It woldn't be fair if you heard it from us, so here are some stories directly from our students and alumni!
How challenging is moving to work in the United States?

Sonia Olărescu & Maria Pop, our third-year students, are currently in their USA internships, working and learning in the Samoset Resort, Maine and Delray Opal, Florida. They are here to share their stories about their internships and the experiences they went through.

How does an alumni feel about past internships and the impact they had on their career?

Find out directly from Pavel Bolgar, who graduated in 2019 from our BA program. Through great efforts and preseverance, Mr. Bolgar is now the MICE Sales Executive for Hilton on Park Lane Hotel in London – and we couldn’t be more inspired.


Want to see more?

We have many other internship stories from past students over on our Youtube channel.