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Ana Leah
Head of Student Services, Career Development & Alumni

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Internship & Job Placement Coordinator / International students

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Internship & Job Placement Coordinator / Alumni Relations


Find below what our partners say about our students/alumni

““I prefer to recruit directly from American Hotel Academy”

Logo Teleferic Grand HotelI love to come here because here, I  can still see the sparkle in the eyes of the students when they are talking about hospitality. They have a willingness to learn and an enthusiasm that I rarely find in many of the other schools. To all the staff at American Hotel Academy, I say  “Keep up the good work

Nick Kleingeld, Owner/General Manager, SILVA Hotel Spa Balmoral – Belgium

aldemar_logo130Catalin Adrian has been chosen and awarded as the best trainee of Olympian Village and Royal Olympian for the month of August 2013. From the beginning of his internship, he showed great interest to learn and obtain new skills. He is a hard working person who could handle the work pressure with the best positive attitude. He has quality on his work and great promotional potentials. We would be more than glad to cooperate with him again!”

Aldemar about Catalin Fertu, intern at Olympia Royal Village*****, Peloponnese, Greece

Welcome employers!

If you have internships or permanent positions to fill, we’d be happy to connect you with our students. Whether you need interns or employees, we can provide the best professionals for your organization.

Find here what types of students and alumni our school has, when and how you can recruit talent from our school.

Our students have the necessary skills to successfully integrate in the world of hospitality. We continuously work on our student’s improving their soft skills through various personal & career development services. 

Business attire, appearance and punctuality 
They have the energy required to succeed in a highly competitive environment and know what is expected of them in a business environment.

Great people skills
Their main focus is on people and on creating a sense of well-being for others.

Creativity and a talent for innovation
They are attentive to the needs of others and know what they want without even before saying. They take pleasure in anticipating other people’s wants and needs; they come up with new ideas and we encourage them to speak up, be pro-active and think outside the box.

Problem-solving skills
In a challenging situation, they are able to get hold of the information they need and sift through it quickly in order to make the right decision. They are willing to take the initiative where necessary.

Organizational skills
The skills to plan, organize, look ahead, double-check, prepare ahead, deal with emergencies and make sure that all policies are respected.

A strong customer focus and people skills
They lean about empathy and active listening in school and practice them all the time in their every day life. It helps them understand people, their wants and needs, they instinctively know when to be discreet and keep their distance.

Cultural diversity
They are used to cultural diversity and are able to respond to very different expectations depending on the nationality of clients / colleagues. Also, they are flexible, open-minded and willing to change their own way of thinking if necessary.

An international outlook
They love meeting people from very different backgrounds. They are fascinated by other cultures and keen to learn more about them.

Motivation, energy and passion
They like hard work! They have passion for the hospitality industry and understand the necessary career steps that they have to go through in order to succeed.


Some facts:

Number of students Bachelor / Master 250 / < 50
Number of Alumni Bachelor / Master: 100 / < 20
Number of students on internship: 60
Female / Male: 60 % / 40 %
Average age of students: 18 – 27
Graduation date: June
Internship start dates:  April / May
Internship duration: 4 to 5 months for the summer internship (between the 1st academic year and the second academic year) and 12 months for the 1 year internship (between the 2nd academic year and the 3rd academic year).
Number of required internships: 2
Internship types: 1st Year – operational; 2nd Year – operational and/or administrative
Top nationalities: Romanian and Moldavian
Specialisation: Human resources, Sales & Marketing, Events, Culinary
Recruitment fairs: usually organized on campus between November and February

Our graduates are dynamic, driven hospitality professionals across the world. They continue to be passionate about the hospitality industry and with the desire to continuously grow professionally.

90% of our graduates are still active in the hospitality industry worldwide, on different levels of achievement and fields of tourism.

Three years of classroom and lab sessions, two international internships (of at least 8 months, maximum of 2 years) and a consultancy project in a hotel chain, build strong skills for our graduates in hospitality management, customer service, negotiation, team work and leadership in a stressful and multicultural environment.
Also, our Alumni know what to expect from the hospitality industry and why they belong here.

Employers are welcome any time in our campus during the academic year (October – May) to recruit final year students who graduate in May – June; the best time to recruit in campus is February – March.

If you are interested in recruiting Alumni from our school and / or visit their professional profiles, you have the options below:


Some facts:

Number of Alumni Bachelor / Master: 100 / < 20
Graduation date: June
Top nationalities: Romanian and Moldavian
Specialisation: Human resources, Sales & Marketing, Events, Culinary
Recruitment fairs: usually organized on campus between November and February.

In our constant effort to provide our students & alumni with the best career opportunities, we are happy to announce the launch of our new career & alumni platform:  ahar.hosco.com


On our platform you will find two options:

  1. Recruit our talents:
  • Direct and quick link that allows you to create and post internship and job offers. Follow the link above, click the Recruit our talent button and then simply fill in the necessary fields.
  • The offers posted will immediately appear on the career & alumni platform and all of our students and alumni will be able to reach them and apply if interested.
  1. Register with hosco:
  • Registering your hotel on the platform allows you to create a profile for major visibility and to manage your job offers and applicants better.
  • If you are interested in creating a profile for your company on our recruitment platform please get in touch with our Placement team listed below.

Other Online recruitment options
Employers may prefer to interview students via Skype video call, especially in situations where they are located in foreign countries and the number of positions does not justify taking a recruitment trip to Romania. In such cases, our school facilitates virtual meetings between employers and students. For more details please contact our Placement team listed below.

Contact our support team:
You can use any of the contacts below as a way to let us know about your recruitment needs. We will reply with an answer as soon as possible.

We understand and support the importance of recruiting face to face for positions in the hospitality industry either for internships or for employment opportunities. For this reason we give companies the opportunity to recruit students directly on campus.

A day dedicated just to your company will be allocated to interview and recruit future interns and graduates shortlisted with our careers department. For more details please contact Placement support team, listed below.

Contact our support team:

You can use any of the contacts below as a way to let us know about your recruitment needs. We will reply with an answer as soon as possible.