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    A master’s degree expands your knowledge in your chosen field, allowing you to become a leader and educator in your workplace. The advanced degree gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself within your chosen industry, exploring a plethora of areas and subsequently narrowing down your focus to something that is of interest to you.


    Why study for a master’s degree?

    To put it simply, in today’s complex and competitive world if you want to work at executive level in a big company or if you want to successfully manage an SME a bachelor’s degree is not enough anymore.

    The knowledge you need is simply not available at undergraduate level. Slowly but surely masters become the new baseline qualifications for higher education.

    Many businesses look for employees with a master’s degree because of the high level of commitment and focus the students put into the process of developing their career. Some jobs even have the minimum requirement of having a master’s degree before you can even apply for the position. Having one helps open the doors to these types of jobs that aren’t available when you don’t have this type of degree.

    Here are a few other reasons why you should get an advanced degree:

    Become and Expert in Your Field

    Gain in-depth understanding of your specialty, expertise, and credibility.

    Increased Earning Potential

    Postgraduates can earn up to 25% more than undergraduates

    Accelerated Career Growth

    A master’s degree sets you up for advanced positions and salary raise, making you a more valuable asset for your company

    Career Security

    A master’s degree makes you eligible for more jobs. The unemployment rate of master’s degree holders is lower compared to bachelor’s degree holders

    Professional & Personal Development

    Earning a graduate degree is evidence of persistence, determination, intellectual prowess, and the ability to handle challenging environments.

    Professional Network

    A master’s degree allows you to meet like-minded individuals: peers, industry experts, game changers, faculty members, guest lecturers.

    Lifelong Learning

    A master’s degree aids you in progressing from learner to contributor in the field of your expertise, enhancing your development and employability.

    Reputation & Credibility

    Having a master’s degree makes employers think that you are a low-risk, high-yield employee. They believe that you’ve proven your professional capability and that you are equipped with all the skills needed to provide their company with positive results.


    Postgraduate study at AHA

    At AHA all our postgraduate programmes are career oriented and designed as progressions from the undergraduate programmes. Thus, students can choose to either dive deeper into their undergraduate major or become experts in other related fields.
    Teaching is Digital Distance Learning, both synchronous and asynchronous, as our students are now active young working professionals highly committed to their work and personal lives, while career coaching and international employment remain always embedded in the fabric of our programmes.

    Explore our postgraduate subjects

    Hospitality & Tourism – MSc

    If you want access to upper-level management within one of them, you need more than a bachelor’s degree.


    Hospitality & Tourism – MBA

    If you want access to upper-level management within one of them, you need more than a bachelor’s degree.


    Events Management – MBA

    This programme is a dynamic and industry-relevant academic journey, that equips students with the cutting-edge skills and knowledge demanded by the rapidly evolving events industry.


    Sports Management – MBA

    coming soon…


    Digital Marketing – MA

    coming soon…


    Business Intelligence – MSc

    coming soon…