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    Employability | Employers

    Welcome Employers!

    If you have internships or permanent positions to fill in, we would be happy to connect you with our students. Whether you need interns or employees, we can provide the best professionals for your organization.

    Our Students

    Our students have the necessary skills to successfully integrate in your company. We continuously work on developing our students' soft and hard skills, through personal & career development services and making sure that the academic curriculum is aligned with the industry needs.

    Our Graduates

    Our graduates are dynamic, industry professionals across the world. They are passionate about the industry they activate in and have the desire to continuously grow professionally.

    Dedicated staff in the Career Office

    Our dedicated staff in the Career Centre is ready to engage in any cooperation proposal regarding students’ internships and graduates’ employment, simply get in touch to connect and start our cooperation.
    Here are some traits and qualities that our students and graduates have:

    Communication Skills:

    Verbal, non-verbal, public speaking, these are the first skills we aim to develop in our students.

    Entrepreneurial Spirit:

    They are innovative, creative, and willing to take risks, some can easily thrive in entrepreneurial ventures/hubs and startups, where they can build and grow their own businesses.

    Analytical Skills:

    Strong analytical skills, including the ability to analyse data, solve problems, and make strategic decisions.

    Leadership Abilities:

    Effective leadership skills, including communication, decision-making, and team management.

    Interpersonal Skills:

    Strong interpersonal skills to build relationships, manage conflicts, negotiate agreements, and collaborate with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders across different departments and industries.

    Adaptability and Flexibility:

    The work in almost all domains is dynamic and constantly evolving, so we aim to prepare students to be adaptable, flexible, and open to change, to thrive in diverse business environments and industries.

    Strategic Thinking:

    Business professionals must be able to think strategically, anticipate market trends, identify opportunities, and develop long-term plans to achieve organizational goals and objectives.

    Financial Acumen:

    Our students have a solid understanding of finance, accounting, and economics.

    Creativity and Innovation:

    Students develop their creativity and innovation abilities, can develop new products, services, and business models to stay competitive and drive growth in the marketplace.

    Problem-Solving Skills:

    The ability to identify problems, analyse root causes, and develop effective solutions.

    Global Perspective:

    In an increasingly interconnected world, our students develop a global perspective and cross-cultural competence, through exposure to international education and work experience.
    In our constant effort to provide our students and alumni with the best career opportunities, we invite companies to use our online career platform to post their internship & job availabilities and manage the applications:
    To recruit our students and alumni, please see the options below:

    1. Use the quick link to post a job

    Use our Home Page and simply click on Recruit our talents. Fill in the required fields before clicking on Submit a job offer.

    2. Create a company account on the platform

    Is your company not registered yet? You may register yourself (as a company) directly through the following link:

    in order to post a targeted job offer for our School only.

    Follow the steps and complete the required fields in order for your company profile to be created. Do ensure you fully complete your profile in order to attract as many candidates as possible.

    Once all information has been completed, note that it will take 24 hours for the Hosco team to evaluate the account in order to avoid any duplicates. They might give you a call if they have any questions.

    As your account is approved, it will be live on the platform, and you will be able to post a targeted job to our school: American Hotel Academy Romania

    3. Use your account on Hosco to post offers

    Is your company already registered on Hosco? If so, you may post a targeted job offer to our school. All you have to do is to start creating a new job and simply click on target job offer and find our school – American Hotel Academy Romania.

    We understand and support the importance of recruiting face-to-face for different roles, internships, full-time employment, management trainee programs, projects, or volunteering opportunities. For this reason, we give companies the opportunity to recruit students directly on campus by organizing Recruitment Events.

    A day dedicated solely to your company can be allocated, to present the career options, interview and recruit future interns and graduates shortlisted by our Career Centre.

    Contact us for recruitment details, internship programs, project-based opportunities and full-time employment offers.
    Although we are available to discuss placement opportunities throughout the year, the best time to collect job offers is during the summertime for the upcoming academic year which starts end of September.
    Just send us a quick introductory email to:
    and we can start discussing a potential collaboration.
    Thank you and we look forward to working together!