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    College is a life-changing journey. Choices you make now and experiences you go through will shape your future adult life. College is a lot about discovering yourself and the world around you. It is about learning how to learn and how to work, and it is about having fun as well, about forging lifetime friendships and about traveling the world. At AHA we believe that college should be a transformational experience for each person and that is why we strive to create an environment that will give our students just that.


    What is an undergraduate degree?

    An undergraduate degree is an academic qualification at Level 6 which you can pursue after you’ve graduated high school. It is your first step in your higher education journey.

    Undergraduate degrees come in various sizes and shapes, a standard bachelor’s degree has a length of 3 – 4 years (can vary from country to country), with some also offering the option to participate in one or more industry placements or to study abroad.

    An undergraduate degree is also the required entry qualification to advanced degree programmes, known also as masters.


    Undergraduate study at AHA

    At AHA all our undergraduate programmes are career oriented and focused on two main subject areas: Hospitality and Business Management.

    As of September 2023, our study models  include On Campus learning, Learning Lounge delivery as well as fully Online. We give special attention to international work experience, so internships and employment abroad and career coaching are embedded in all our programmes. We are aiming to achieve a learning curve that will progressively shape your student mindset in to a working professional mindset by the time you reach Level 6 (Year 3).

    We are still a ‘boutique’ school, so you will belong to a community of a few hundred people where everyone knows everyone else by name and where we do all kinds of stuff together whether is professional, academic or fun.


    Explore our undergraduate subjects

    Hospitality Management

    This is a professionally oriented four-year Business Management program with focus on Hospitality which includes several practical training components.


    Digital Business

    With a degree in Digital Business, you’ll learn to optimise processes for companies large or small with sustainability in mind.


    Business Administration

    With IU’s Bachelor of Business Administration you’ll gain key expertise in managing organisations, finances, the supply chain and more, as well as strengthening your leadership and decision making.