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    What is AHA?

    AHA is a Post-Secondary Education Institution. We are licensed by several professional awarding bodies and work with international partner universities to deliver on our campus in Brasov or in virtual format professional higher education study programmes, ranging from certificates and diplomas to undergraduate and postgraduate (advanced) degrees.
    AHA is a non-traditional institution, a place of higher education where western career oriented academic programmes and work experience opportunities meet eastern students aspirations to be global graduates.
    AHA is also the first institution in Romania to run a TNE (Transnational Education) partnership with a British university. What started as the first international hotel management school in the country 17 years ago is now transforming into a multilayer higher education provider through the addition of new subject areas such as Digital Business, Marketing & Communications or Events Management.
    We are different. If you also feel you don’t belong with the crowd, come check us out!

    Our Mission

    AHA Mission

    We believe we are here, in this physical reality, to experience, create and grow as beings and that every one of us has unlimited creative potential. We also believe that Education spurs Imagination which inspires Action which in turn leads to new Creation. That is how humans evolve.

    AHA’s mission is to provide a transformational experience and to create an environment which would help people discover and achieve their true potential through education. That is how AHA contributes to human evolution.

    Our Vision

    AHA Vision

    Our vision is to become the ultimate learning organization, students, faculty, and professionals all working together in a continuum and synergistic environment, which generates interaction between different academic and professional levels and ages and stimulates innovation and creative thinking.

    Students have easy access to real life industry and industry in turn has easy access to new talent and knowledge, all in a culture of continuous learning, experiencing, creating and growing.


    Our Values



    Believe in Yourself
    Be Different
    Be Courageous
    Be Determined
    Identify, Analyze, And Learn from Mistakes
    Push Through to Make Things Happen
    Stay Positive and Hopeful
    Work Hard and Work Together
    Walk The Talk
    Act with Integrity, Be Fair
    Play By the Rules
    Be Helpful and Polite




    Our History


    The initial idea was born during several hospitality recruitment events. American and Western European employers traveling to Romania to recruit hospitality interns would often ask about the existence of any local hospitality schools. Since no such schools existed and there was an obvious demand from foreign employers as well as a high interest in employment abroad amongst young Romanians, American Hotel Academy (AHA) was born.


    AHA was registered as an LLC company and the soft opening took place on November 5th. Its first intake counted 26 students.


    BA (Hons) International Hotel Business Management is validated by Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) and marks the beginning of the growth stage.
    American European Education (AEE), a not-for-profit organization is created in order to replace the LLC in the licensed educational services delivery.


    MSc Hospitality & Tourism Business Management is validated by Manchester Metropolitan University.
    The lease for the new campus is signed and the school changes its premises from the outskirts of Brasov to the old city center.

    2014 – 2020

    Numbers grow gradually to reach 400+ students, as new undergraduate programmes are being validated (Culinary Arts and Digital Marketing) and a new satellite campus is set up in New York City.

    2020 - 2022

    Covid 19 pandemic manifests a severe effect on the school, and AHA switches to hybrid learning for almost two years. On our path to recovery we realize that we must reinvent ourselves in order to still thrive in a changed post-pandemic world.


    AHA adopts a new business model by diversifying out of the Hospitality realm to offer applied business management programmes in services related sectors, increases and diversifies the number of degree awarding partners, and adopts new digital learning formats and tools – hybrid and fully online.


    Our Legal Structure

    AHA is a brand owned and operated by ‘Asociatia American European Education’ (AEE), which is a not-for-profit organization formed according to Romanian law.

    As a not-for-profit entity, AEE doesn’t have shareholders, it has members, and it is managed by a group of Executive Officers and governed by a Board of Directors elected by the members.

    Registration Date: 23.02.2012.

    CIF: 29911760.

    partners Our Strategic


    In order to achieve our mission and strategic goals we work with a network of partners institutions and companies. We are grateful for these relationships as we couldn’t do what we do without our valued partners.

    With over 100,000 students, IU International University of Applied Sciences (IU) is the largest university in Germany. The private, state-approved educational institution with its main campus in Erfurt brings together more than 200 bachelor’s and master’s programmes under one roof, which are offered in German or English. Students can choose between dual studies, distance learning and myStudies, which combines online and face-to-face events, and design their studies independently with the help of a digitally supported learning environment.


    In addition, IU enables further training and promotes the idea of lifelong learning. The aim of the university is to give as many people as possible worldwide access to personalised education. IU started operations in 2000 and is now represented in more than 30 German cities. It cooperates with over 15,000 companies and actively supports them in the development of their employees.

    Atlantica Hotels & Resorts’s philosophy, as one of the leading Hotel companies in Greece and the biggest owned Hotel chain company in Cyprus, is based on meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations in delivering an opulent variety of differentiated products.


    With over 40 hotels around Cyprus, Greece and Egypt (CS Management) and with over 400.000 customers yearly, Atlantica Hotels & Resorts promises to continue offering holiday experiences which are unique, exclusive and specially designed for their individual customers.


    Atlantica is AHA’s exclusive partner for the countries of Greece and Cyprus, which allows our students to undergo summer practical training with a close supervision from both partners.

    International Trainee Network (ITN) is a cultural exchange organization based in Los Angeles, California with over 20 years of experience with the J-1 Visa Exchange Program.


    Thanks to our network of 5 international ITN offices, 40 international partner universities and over 170 partner hotels, ITN is currently the largest provider of J-1 luxury hospitality programs in the United States. Our mission is to provide culturally immersive experiences and world-class hospitality training to students and young professionals from around the world.


    ITN and AHA have entered into an exclusive partnership for the market of Romania, which grants AHA students the unique opportunity to access some of the best internship and training programs in the world.


    Our People

    We're a community of around 300 individuals, including students, full-time staff, and collaborative faculty, united by our dedication to lifelong learning. We share values like integrity, collaboration, innovation and we honour everyone’s contributions and perspectives. Every day, we connect, learn, and support each other, creating an energetic environment where our shared goals and values thrive.

    Marketing and Admissions Team

    Meet the heart of our recruitment process — the Marketing and Admissions Team. They're the guiding force behind your journey to American Hotel Academy. From your initial interest to your enrollment, they've been your compass, ensuring a seamless transition into our education institution.

    Andreea Milu

    Admissions Counsellor

    I’m a proud graduate of this institution with a degree in Hotel Management and my passion for sales led me to the vibrant world of admissions.


    Maria Iurceac

    Marketing Specialist

    As the Marketing Specialist at American Hotel Academy, I’m dedicated to shaping the Academy’s image and ensuring that our message reaches students, faculty, and the whole community.


    Bogdan Andrei

    Admissions Counsellor

    Proudly carrying the torch of the AHA Class of 2019, I’ve embarked on a remarkable journey as an Admissions Counselor.


    Teodor Berszan

    Senior Admissions Counsellor

    In 2011, I joined the AHA team as one of its early members, and I have no regrets about it.


    Anca Georgescu

    Marketing & Admissions Director

    I’ve had the pleasure of being part of the AHA family since 2013. My role here as the Marketing and Admissions Director involves orchestrating our marketing strategy and managing admissions.

    Academics Team

    Our Academics Team forms the backbone of our educational institution. They are dedicated to empowering students, facilitating their growth, and ensuring a fulfilling academic experience within our institution. Each member plays a pivotal role in cultivating an environment where knowledge thrives and aspirations turn into achievements. Meet our Registrars, the curators of your academic records.

    Cleopatra Baciu


    I have been a lecturer for the academy since 2020, teaching Front Office Operations, Room Division Management and Hospitality Operation Strategies. Now I am also the link between the students and the academic team within the registrar’s office.


    Carmen Ursoiu


    I’m the registrar of this school. Out of the 25 years in the academic field, 7 are the ones I’ve spent here.

    Introducing the Academic Officer, your compass through the academic journey.

    Alexandra Ivanescu

    Academic Officer

    First and foremost, I’m incredibly passionate about education. I firmly believe that a quality education is the key to a brighter future, and I’m dedicated to creating a better environment for students during their academic journey.

    Meet your constant companion, the Student Services Coordinator.

    Diana Cucu

    Student Services Coordinator

    Hey there, I’m Diana, the Student Services Coordinator at American Hotel Academy! Having survived both the Bachelor and Master programs here.

    Meet the pillars of education - they are the foundation of your learning experience, delivering quality education and nurturing your growth.

    Ioan-Constantin Enache

    DHA Programme Leader

    I am a dedicated educator and marketing professional. My academic journey includes a Ph.D. in Marketing from Transilvania University of Brasov, earned in 2012.


    Ioana Țurcaș

    AHA BA Programme Leader

    I have a degree in Business Administration, completed by a Master’s degree in Hospitality and Tourism Industry provided by Manchester Metropolitan University.


    Ramona Costin

    Taste Programme Leader

    I’m a dedicated professional with over two decades of experience in the hospitality industry, starting my journey back in 2000. My extensive background in this field is one of the driving forces behind my role at the American Hotel Academy.


    John Fenby

    AHA Postgraduate Programme Leader

    I am an Education and Business Consultant, Professor of Management Education at AHA, formerly the Dean of a Swiss University College and prior to that a Principal Lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University.


    Ada Terea

    Academic Director

    I am one of the creative leaders behind our higher education programs, designing educational experiences that keep our programs connected to the industry and of value to our students.


    Academic Associate

    First and foremost, I’m incredibly passionate about education. I firmly believe that a quality education is…

    Academic Associate

    Andrei’s career path started at American Hotel Academy being a student among the very first promotion…

    Academic Associate

    My life mission is education. I am an entrepreneur, business consultant, trainer, coach, and researcher –…

    Academic Associate

    Bogdan Bârzescu graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest and, since 2011, has been…

    Academic Associate

    Cleopatra Baciu is an experienced hospitality professional who occupied the General Manager position for several hotels…

    Academic Associate

    Corina Zamfir has successfully obtained her bachelor’s degree in psychology at Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania,…

    Academic Associate

    David has a wealth of experience in designing and delivering both face-to-face and online education courses…

    Academic Associate

    A forward-thinking individual with refined interpersonal and multitasking skills. Always looking to join and collaborate with…

    Academic Associate

    Experienced Senior Lecturer with a demonstrated history of working in hospitality for over 20 years. Work…

    Academic Associate

    Ioan Enache is a marketing planning and implementation professional, always looking for challenging projects. He has…

    Academic Associate

    Ioana Netcu obtained her undergraduate degree in Finance from Cleveland State University in Cleveland, Ohio. Additionally,…

    Academic Associate

    Ioana Turcas has a degree in Business Administration, completed by a master’s degree in hospitality and…

    Academic Associate

    Iulian Sava has 15+ years of Strategist in Revenue Management, Business Analysis, and Development. He optimized…

    Academic Associate

    I am an Education and Business Consultant, Professor of Management Education at AHA...

    Academic Associate

    Lavinia Dovleac holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing, a master’s degree in marketing systems,…

    Academic Associate

    Maria-Luiza Dobre is a highly qualified and experienced language educator based in Brasov, România, with a…

    Academic Associate

    It all started with a course in management consulting during college. Then he realized that he…

    Academic Associate

    After graduating American Hotel Academy, Miruna has dedicated her time pursuing the digital world. As she…

    Academic Associate

    Dynamic International Marketing and Sales leader with more than 10 years of developing and executing global…

    Academic Associate

    Academic Associate

    Shaun has taught in Higher Education for over 20 years and regularly delivers event management sessions…

    Academic Associate

    The experience and expertise delivering as part of a team on the International Hospitality Business Management…

    Academic Associate

    Specialist in project management, operational management, turnaround management, and crisis management. Real Estate and Hospitality professional…

    Academic Associate

    Professionally she has worked in various sectors within the hospitality industry, including hotels, restaurants, bars, and…

    Academic Associate

    Zouhour EL- ABIAD is actually associate researcher at CRED, ESA Business School. She holds a PhD…

    Academic Associate

    Ian Embury is an experienced hospitality professional with over 30 years senior operational and marketing management experience across several UK and European organizations.…

    Academic Associate

    Mr. Kremer, a French National and USA Resident is an international marketing and management executive who…

    Academic Associate

    I am an Education and Business Consultant, Professor of Management Education at AHA...

    Academic Associate

    Pamela is an international hospitality business management lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University. She teaches across the…

    Unit Leader

    Prof. Roslyn De Braine is an Associate Professor in the Department of Industrial Psychology & People…

    Academic Associate

    Shaun has taught in Higher Education for over 20 years and regularly delivers event management sessions…

    Academic Associate

    Suzanne worked as a lecturer at Coventry University since 2021, lecturer in tourism destination management at…

    Careers Team

    Meet our Careers Team, your gateway to professional opportunities. They will connect you with the perfect internships, providing invaluable support as you take your first steps into the professional sphere.

    Ioana Bosca

    Placements Coordinator

    My journey in the hospitality industry began in 2012, when I became an American Hotel Academy student.


    Suzana Lupoian

    Placements Coordinator

    I’m a dedicated professional with a decade of experience in the hospitality industry, complemented by a rewarding 7-year career in aviation.


    Ana Leah

    Director of Organizational Development

    I’m a psychologist, trainer and coach, currently the Director of Career Services at AEE, who’s spent my entire adult life studying human nature and people development.

    Business Management Team

    Meet the wizards behind the numbers—the Business Management Team. They ensure the smooth functioning of our institution, managing finances and providing support to keep our academic initiatives thriving.

    Claudia Zaharia

    Financial/HR Controller

    My 17 year career in personal administration, in parallel with 5 years of accounting, has formed me for the Financial Controller position that I currently have at AHA.


    Mihaela Vârsan

    Business Manager

    I’m AHA’s Business Manager for 5 years now. In this role I’m responsible for ensuring that the company’s financial goals are on track, as well as new hires and trainings.

    Logisitics Team

    Introducing our Logistics Team, they ensure seamless operations behind the scenes, managing facilities, security, and resources to create an environment conducive to your learning journey.

    Gabriela Apostol

    Sanitary Cleaner

    The Sanitary Cleaner diligently maintains spaces, ensuring top-notch hygiene for everyone’s well-being.

    Sanda Stoican

    Security Officer

    The Security Officer ensures a safe and secure environment for all. Their vigilant presence and commitment to safety offer peace of mind to our community.


    Dan Gașpar

    Logistics Manager

    We live in a time where everything is fast-paced, time seems limitless, and technology, IT, and digitalization are in perpetual development, becoming essential to life.

    Student Government

    Introducing the core of our Student Government. They are the driving force behind student involvement and representation at our institution. From organizing events to addressing your needs, they strive to create a vibrant and inclusive campus experience for all students.

    Ștefan Giurgea

    Head of the Events Department

    I represent the Events Department within the Student Government. I describe myself as a sociable person, organized and open to new opportunities.


    Alesandra Bălăiță

    Head of the Marketing Department

    I am a student in second year at American Hotel Academy and part of the student government, as well as the head of marketing department.


    Bianca Pop

    Head of the Marketing Department

    I am a second-year student in Digital Hub Academy program. I hold the position of Head of the Marketing Department, specifically focusing on the graphic design aspect.


    Alexia Stan

    Student Government Vice President

    I am a second year student at Taste Culinary Business Academy and I recently became the Vice President within the Student Government.


    Dragoș Trihenea

    Student Government President

    As student government president, I coordinate activities and represent student interests to the school administration.



    Sebastian Georgescu

    CEO & Co-Founder


    AHA has awarded titles of honorary membership to two special people in our community who stepped up and made extraordinary contributions to the school’s wellbeing in moments when help was needed most. We are grateful for their service and honour their commitment with this distinction.

    Carmen Ursoiu


    John Fenby