American Hotel Academy

    American Hotel Academy is now officially a CTH Approved Teaching Center

    We are so excited to announce that American Hotel Academy is now officially a CTH Approved Teaching Center! 👏

    What is CTH?

    CTH (Confederation of Tourism Hospitality) is the UK’s leading specialist professional awarding body for qualifications in the growing hospitality and tourism sector, with over 40 years of history and a network of over 200 approved teaching centers worldwide.


    Together, we are now offering our students some of the most popular and valuable Hospitality and Tourism Management qualifications worldwide

    It is our belief that Romanian students should have freedom and diversity when choosing education, providing them options that have a more pronounced international influence, making them more suited for international careers.


    Keeping our tradition of bringing quality British degrees to Romania for over 10 years, we have now greatly expanded the scope of the opportunities and options that we offer. Through our collaboration with CTH, we are taking this mission to the next level.

    There’s so much more to share, coming soon. For now, here’s to many years of prosperous collaboration and to many, many more students who are yet to become the star professionals of tomorrow! 🎉 Sky is the limit! 

    A Word from our CTH

    Watch the official announcement video:

    Article written by the AHA Marketing department. ❤️

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