At the Internship and Career Event some of our students talked about their experience in the internship, in front of an audience of around 100 people. These were parents with high-school students from around the country that wanted to to better understand the American Hotel Academy concept.

Even if for many of them, it was the first time that they have worked and they have lived without their parents, all of them declared to be very satisfied and enthusiastic in choosing the destination for the following internship. All stories were different, with difficult, but also incredible funny moments. The willingness to build a strong career and the passion for hospitality were mentioned as the key points for having a successful internship.

Also, the Head of Student Services and Internship, Mrs Ana Leah performed an ability and personality test on the high school participants. Some of them were identified as Inspirers, Visionary, others as Guardians, still others as Thinkers or Doers, Artists, Scientists or Executive. Some of the profiles correspond to the hospitality profile identified by the expert. Looking forward to welcoming them to our next event, the Open Day!

More pictures here.