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    John Fenby

    John Fenby

    Academic Associate

    I am an Education and Business Consultant, Professor of Management Education at AHA, formerly the Dean of a Swiss University College and prior to that a Principal Lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University. Over the years that AHA has been in existence I have been heavily involved with the development of the institution and have also taught on both the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

    I was a co-author of the UK 2008 ‘Subject Benchmark’ publication for Hospitality, Leisure, Sport and Tourism, that defined the academic standards for all UK university Hospitality and Tourism programmes until recently and, as a consequence, also the standards of the programmes at AHA since its establishment as an educational institution specialising in higher education.

    I continue to be keenly involved in the evolution of AHA and most recently with its post-graduate provision having, played a pivotal role in setting up the Confederation of Hospitality and Tourism programmes at AHA and the associated student progression to Masters programmes at UK universities.

    Interests beyond education that most occupy me are sport and building design, coupled with a passion for travel.