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    Roslyn De Braine

    Roslyn De Braine

    Unit Leader

    Prof. Roslyn De Braine is an Associate Professor in the Department of Industrial Psychology & People Management (IPPM), School of Management, College of Business & Economics at the University of Johannesburg (UJ).  She holds a Doctorate in Leadership Performance & Change from UJ. She teaches on both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Her area of teaching includes Human Resource Management, Organisational Behaviour and Research Methodology. Over the years she has also facilitated various courses for executive, senior and middle managers across different industries in the areas of building healthy workplace relationships, trust, fulfilling your work role effectively and high-performance teams.


    Roslyn has also fulfilled several qualification leadership roles in IPPM.  She also leads the research stream program on work identity in the department. In this capacity, she supervises several PhD and master’s students on the topics of work identity, job crafting, work engagement, identity work, work design, psychological contract, organizational trust, and organizational change. Roslyn has also done presentations on her research internationally and has contributed to three chapters of an international book on work identity.