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    TikTok Scholarship Contest

    What is the TikTok scholarship?

    We are looking for an expert to help us uncover the mysteries of TikTok!


    The TikTok scholarship contest will be an online contest for 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students of American Hotel Academy, TASTE Culinary Business Academy and Digital Hub Academy, that awards the student with most creativity & TikTok knowledge a full year tuition scholarship, while also joining (part-time & remotely) our marketing department.


    We are doing this because we believe that communication done by students can help guide potential future colleagues in their admission process by showing them around the academies and all their wonders. It’s an amazing opportunity to guide future generations through your own creative expression. Are you up to the task?

    What are the rules?

    Here are the rules of the contest:


    • Create at least 3 (or more, if you want, to increase your winning chances) TikToks on your personal pages about one of our academies (or all, whichever you like), on the topic of your preference (eg. admission, internship, hospitality, culinary, digital marketing, Brasov campus, Brasov destination marketing, etc.)
    • The posts must contain written reference to at least one of our academies (ex. “American hotel academy”) in the video
    • The posts must contain one of the hashtags #americanhotelacademy #tasteculinaryacademy #digitalhubacademy so that we can find the posts by the hashtags in the description
    • The contest will end at the same time for all participants, and all metrics will be screen shot for both views & likes for total transparency
    • How we determine the winner:
      • We calculate the total number of views from all posts/candidate and make an average number of views/candidate
      • We calculate the total number of likes from all posts/candidate and make an average number of likes/candidate
      • We calculate a views/like ratio for each candidate, and the one with the lowest % is the winner. This means that it takes less views for 1 like than a higher percentage.
      • Example:
        • Candidate 1: 50,2 average for likes & 500 average for views -> 9,96 views for 1 like
        • Candidate 2: 48,7 average for likes & 800 average for views -> 16,42 views for 1 like
        • Winner is candidate 1, as it requires less views to gain 1 like
    • If the first winner refuses or does not accept the requirements of the contract, the 2nd runner-up is offered the prize
    • If you decide to participate in the contest, to validate your participation, send an e-mail to with your TikTok username for the account where you will be uploading the videos during the contest period.

    The contest will run during the following period: 28.09.2021 (12 PM) – 10.10.2021 (12 PM)


    The prize is: A full year tuition scholarship + the position of Brand Ambassador & Junior Content Creator in the Marketing department


    *Important note: In case there are not enough participants for a fair contest to take place, the organizer reserves the right to extend the contest period by an additional week.

    LATEST UPDATE: The contest will be extended for one more week, therefore will run during the following period: 28.09.2021 (12 PM) – 17.10.2021 (12 PM)

    Article written by the AHA Marketing department. ❤️

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