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    Highlights from the Internship and Career Event 2023 at American Hotel Academy

    Last Saturday, December 9th, marked an extraordinary day at the American Hotel Academy as we opened our doors to over 100 guests – high school students, parents, and teachers – to our much -awaited Internship and Career Event 2023. In a lively atmosphere full of excitement and interest, this event became an exciting exploration of internship stories and student life at American Hotel Academy. Participants gained valuable insights, fostering a deeper understanding of the hospitality industry and professional growth opportunities.

    Internship Stories

    Our students took center stage, presenting their experiences from various internships. They shared insights gained from diverse internships like Cyprus, Venice, and Miami, offering firsthand perspectives on professional development, learning, and cultural exposure.

    Through their stories, our students, inspired high school students to consider this enriching path, highlighting the immense value and opportunities that lie within internships and hospitality education.

    Career Guidance

    Our Career Office Presentation provided clarity on charting a rewarding career path. We highlighted potential pathways for students and emphasized our academy’s commitment to supporting and guiding them towards achieving their professional goals.

    Admissions, Student Services and Career Stands Networking

    A bustling atmosphere filled with discussions and connections awaited our guests at our stands. Here, our team engaged in heartfelt conversations about admissions, career prospects, and the vibrant student life at American Hotel Academy. For those ready to embark on their educational journey, we extended the opportunity to schedule admission appointments.

    A Gift of Appreciation

    As a token of appreciation, each guest received a goodie bag filled with our dedication and gratitude, a gesture to express our delight in their presence and curiosity.

    Live from Miami

    The event was remarkable as it went beyond geographical boundaries. We connected live with a student in his internship in Miami, Florida and he offered an authentic glimpse into his one year-long journey. It showcased the challenges and growth opportunities that come with a long internship. This direct connection with a student going through his Miami internship made the event more insightful, highlighting the true value of such an experience.

    Brunch and Wine Pairing

    The event culminated in a delightful gastronomic experience, where our guests indulged in exceptional aperitifs made by our talented students. Paired with excellent wines, this culinary experience was a great way to end a day full of exploring and sharing experiences.

    The Internship and Career Event 2023 was more than just an event, it celebrated possibilities, connections, and the power of learning by doing. At American Hotel Academy, our dedication to preparing future hospitality leaders shone through every moment, leaving a lasting impact on everyone who joined us in this inspiring event.

    Article written by the AHA Marketing department. ❤️

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