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    Financial Support Plan

    Discount policy

    Discount policy


    TASTE Academy grants discounts to students who secure admission earlier in the season. Please see below our discount policy for 2018 start dates: October 5th  

    Discounts applicable to EU nationals*
    €200 Applies to students who pay the entire annual tuition fee by 31.07.2018
    €100 Applies to students who pay the annual tuition fee in two installments; the first one by 30.09.2018 and the second one by 28.02.2019.
    Discounts applicable to Non – EU nationals*
    €300 Applies to students who pay the full tuition fee by 30.05.2018.
    €150 Applies to students who pay the full tuition fee by 30.06.2018.

    *not applicable for students from Republic of Moldova


    Scholarship Plan


    First Year Scholarship – Romanian nationals only

    In order to facilitate access to international careers in culinary business management to more Romanian nationals, TASTE Academy grants 1st year scholarships for Romanian candidates who meet the specific eligibility criteria. The applications must be submitted no later than July 12th, 2018.

    The updated Scholarship Regulations for 2018 – 2019 can be found here (in Romanian).

    Extraordinary Academic Achievements Awards

    EU nationals only

    (Cumulative) criteria for granting these awards:

    No. 2nd year students 3rd year students
    1 The average grade for the previous semester – minimum 77% The average grade for the previous semester – minimum 77%
    2 The grade for the English language examination – minimum 70% min. 1200 $ / month
    Additional criteria
    3 The grade of the subject that has the most credits.

    Regulations regarding granting the scholarships for the TASTE Academy students, enrolled in the bachelor program 2017 – 2018.

    Art. 1(1). TASTE Academy grants merit scholarships in the academic year of 2018 – 2019. These scholarships are granted upon students’ request by signature. The requests will be handed in at the Registrar’s Office enclosed to the student’s file, within the timeframe decided by TASTE Academy.

    Art. 2 (1). The scholarship beneficiaries granted by TASTE Academy, according to the hereby regulations, subsequently called “class attendants”, are the students of TASTE Academy, Romanian citizens enrolled in the Bachelor Education Program of International Hotel Business Management (IHBM). (2) The following cannot represent criteria for granting scholarships: age, gender, religion, race, political orientation of the student or their family, their involvement in legally founded organizations in compliance with the Romanian laws, length of study in other educational centers, studies abroad as well as scholarships from other sources.

    Art. 3. The requirement for granting a scholarship by TASTE Academy is for the student to pass all their exams and be enrolled with the TASTE Academy in the previous year. The student that passed all the exams is the one who passed all the examinations of the courses in the semester prior to the semester in which they request the scholarship (for the 2nd year), or meets all the admission requirements in the 3rd year of study and has been enrolled in the Academy for the period in which he obtained the results evaluated.

    Art. 4. A transferred student can not be taken into consideration for this scholarship, nor a re-enrolled student.

    Art. 5. The amount of the merit scholarships is the tuition fee of the respective semester for the 1st and 2nd study years, and the tuition fee of the 3rd year.

    Art. 6. (1) The merit scholarships are granted to the beneficiaries for the entire semester.

    Art. 7. A number of 2 (two) scholarships will be granted, one for each year. This number can be increased or decreased according to the students’ grades, number of students and / or other management decisions taken by TASTE Academy.

    Art. 8. Merit scholarships will be granted to students that cumulatively fulfill the following criteria: – the average grade for the previous semester – minimum 77 % – the English language exam – minimum 70%; – the average grade of the first two years – minimum 77%, for the 3rd year students.

    Art. 9. (1) The merit scholarships are granted in the decreasing order of the general percentage grades (examinations, projects – according to the education plan) obtained in the examination session prior to the semester in which the student requests scholarship, not less than 91%. (2) The general final grade is calculated as a weighted average of the grades obtained. (3) Evaluation and the credits of a subject are taken into consideration only once, for a single semester. (4) In case of similar grades, differentiation is done according to the following criteria (considered in the presented order): – the grade of the subject with the highest number of credits, if the similarity continues the following subject with the highest number of credits will be taken into consideration. This criterion will be applied until the differentiation happens. In case there are more subjects with the same amount of credits, all these subjects will be taken into consideration. – the weighted average grade of the previous semester.

    Art. 10. The merit scholarships are granted to students with special educational results throughout the semester (courses, examination sessions, practicum, graduation examination), according to the educational plan.

    Art. 11. The regulation of scholarship granting in school is approved by the Academic Board of the TASTE Academy.

    Art. 12. (1) Students can make a written appeal at School against the rejection of the scholarship request, within 3 days from displaying the list of students that are grated scholarship. (2) The appeals are analyzed by the Academic Board, within 3 days after the expiry of the appeal time.

    Art. 13. Presenting false documents, to be granted a scholarship, involves legal responsibility and implicitly expelling the student.

    Art. 14. The hereby regulations will be in force on the day of approval by the Academic Board of TASTE Academy, starting the first semester of the academic year 2015/2016, when all the adverse stipulations are revoked.



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    Study Loan

    Study loans available for Romanian nationals You get fund your tuition up to 100% with Banca Romana de Dezvoltare. Find out more here (Romanian language)

    Employer Billing Plan

    This plan is for you if:

    • you are the employee of a company that wants to contribute to your personal development plan.
    • your employer contracts the tuition fee.

    Who is eligible?

    • all undergraduate or postgraduate candidates (both EU and non EU nationals).
    • culinary industry employees whose employers want to invest in their personal development.

    Benefits for the student and the employer:

    • the student will have access to higher education at lower costs.
    • the employer can increase the company’s productivity by investing in its employees’ training.
    • the employer can deduct the costs with the training of its employees.

    How does it work? When you fill out your application form, check the Employer billing plan box. In case you are accepted, you will be contacted by the Admissions Office to conclude the forms.